Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development

Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development


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 React is an open-source library that simplifies javascript development. ReactJS was conceptualized at Facebook which was struggling with some issues on its site and needed javascript to be faster and easier. Many companies hire react developers for their web development projects as the language creates interactive UIs and has a great number of uses in the front end. 

It can render components when the data is updated, users can interact with each feature, and for developers, it makes it easy to debug the codes and find errors, if it is there. This article will guide you with some useful features of React and why you should use React for your web development project.

What is React.JS

React.JS is perhaps the best choice for developing user interfaces. It is a fast, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library. It allows you to create complex user interfaces using “components,” or small, self-contained pieces of code. It controls the view layer in web applications. Despite the fact that React is more of a library than a language, it is frequently used in web development. 

React is a novel technology when compared to previous available options. The JavaScript library was established in 2011 by Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer of the time. Frameworks like XHP, a simple HTML component framework for PHP, have influenced React. React was used in Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 at the beginning.  It was later picked up by Instagram and used in their system. React evolved over time, and in May 2013, at JSConf US, Facebook chose to open source it.

ReactJS provides a smooth solution to some of front-end programming’s most vexing issues, making it simple to create dynamic, interactive web programmes. A strong development community exists that is quick, scalable, versatile, powerful, and rapidly growing. There’s never been a better time to learn React.

Nowadays, it is a challenge to find a platform that is simple to use, provides an optimized development interface, has clear abstractions and also renders virtual DOMs comparatively faster than other platforms. Not just this, but ReactJS, as a development platform, is capable of offering much more than usual. Hence, it is important to understand why you should consider using ReactJS for your next development project.


Why Should You Use React.JS For Your Web Development Project

Easier to Learn

React is a simple lightweight library with a straightforward syntax. Hence, only deals with the view layer. That’s one reason why it is easier to learn compared to its counterparts- Vue and Angular. You can easily work with React if you have practical knowledge of  HTML and CSS along with JavaScript. However, if you are shifting from any other framework to react, it might take some time to get the hang of things.

If you have a background in JavaScript, you can also become a React.Js developer as React writes in plain javascript. Its to-the-point and clear approach helps businesses by speeding up their development processes. Thus, making them launch their products more quickly. With its ease of use and popularity, you can hire react developers quickly from the market.

Reusable Components

Just like you can build and use LEGO blocks, ReactJS components work in the same fashion. ReactJS provides developers with reusable components that even though were made for some other application, will still be usable if they perform the same function. Due to this, developers can effectively write codes that are simple, concise, and not confusing while providing flawless performance.

Moreover, developers can reuse components as many times as they want for different purposes without affecting the overall program. If you make a certain change in one section of the program, it won’t affect the other sections.  Additionally, if you want to develop mobile applications, you can use its other version React Native, created specifically for mobile-based platforms. 

Boosts SEO

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for the growth of our online business. How does reactjs help our business with it? One benefit it provides is that it can handle common SEO-related issues as long as javascript is concerned in the app and website. It also reduces loading time with its simple and concise coding which allows for more user retention in your website and increases the chances of it rating high on search engine searches. Thus tremendously helping your business in growing market position.

One of the frameworks of React that improves SEO is NextJS. It renders data from the server thus saving the work of the client in processing the data, thus faster loading. Moreover, with NextJS, the servers now can pre-render the data, allowing for less Javascript to load which also enables smoother functions.

Faster Rendering with Virtual DOM

It is necessary to define the structure of your site or app before you begin its development process. Especially if you are developing a complex app with high-end features as it can greatly influence your app’s performance. Though JavaScript has superior engines that can easily handle high-end applications, DOM still requires some speeding up. The Document Object Model(DOM) provides a language-neutral interface to programs so they can dynamically update the structure, style, and content of the specific document.

The main problem with DOM is its tree-based structure due to which, even a minor change on the root has a great impact on the other parts. Hence, updating it is a hurdle if you compare it with other innovative functions and frameworks of javascript. That’s where virtual DOM comes to the rescue. Facebook built this feature to allow tests and modifications early in the process to calculate risks and issues. It even suggests possible ways to apply necessary changes. This enables developers to build a high specs app without much ado.

Good Abstraction

One of the good things about React is that it provides a clean abstraction. What it means is that it does not bother users by showing any complex internal implementation process. It only presents the basic functionality which makes sense to the user. See what happens is that there are many frameworks such as Angular that show and even wants you to learn its internal processes. That doesn’t make sense as it is something they are supposed to do by themselves without a developer’s involvement. 

Such details are mostly unnecessary and consume time, even adds on to the complexity of the framework. With ReactJS, developers only need to learn about the components’ life cycles, props, and states. React does not give orders to master patterns and internal architectures such as MVC. It in fact allows your developers to freely design the architecture of your app in any way they want. 

Though there is one architecture that you may want to learn and that is Flux.

Flux and Redux

Flux and Redux architecture are hugely popular in web development for their functionalities. Facebook promoted flux-based architecture which improved the characteristics of react.js elements for unidirectional data flow and also increased their operational efficiency. As a result, the operations performed were integrated with a central dispatcher that upgrades them.

The main functionality is such- Central dispatcher updates the store. Then as per the modifications in the store, the views are updated too. All the components’ data stays in the stores in the meantime to save you from keeping your data in sync all the time. 

Since flux was not a ready-to-use library, Facebook invented a new interpretation of its architecture called Redux. Unlike Flux, it only provides a single store which saves you from making your code complex and makes it easier to observe and modify.

Use of React Native

The list will be incomplete without talking about React Native for web development. Native combines the functions of JavaScript and React to build rich User Interfaces for mobile apps. The user experience is critical for the business as it affects the way the user feels about the operation of your website or application. If the UI is not functioning well, your business is as good as dead. A good UI would not only garner user’s attention but also increase their recurring rate. And hire React developers with an experience in native would be an excellent decision to inculcate those results.

Though you can use Native to give a good interface with the benefit of using your app in multiple devices with the feeling of the same native interface, it doesn’t allow much code reusability compared to Reactjs. But you can use the same architecture and framework while working.


React is an outstanding tool to create interactive and dynamic mobile and web-based applications. React’s popularity is growing day by day as nearly 90% of web development businesses are using it today. If you are thinking of implementing react in your business and wants to hire react developers, optymize can help. Follow this link to hire react developers today!



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