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With Blockchain Solution from Optymize, enter a phase of decentralisation and transform the way your business operates. Embrace blockchain for your business and enable better transparency, security, speed, and efficiency throughout your entire business operations.

Hire top 5% freelance Blockchain developers​

Junaid Ali
Junaid Ali
Blockchain Developer
5 Year
Junaid is a Full-Stack Developer and a Blockchain Developer with experience of working in positions/roles of a senior developer, team lead, and system architect.


Naveen Rathod
Naveen Rathod
Blockchain Developer
United Arab Emirates
8 Year
With 6+ years of experience in deploying applications on the blockchain network for various SMEs and MNCs, Naveen can help right from the stages of business planning to production.


Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel
Blockchain Developer
12 Year
Juan is very proficient with the solidity programming language, Ethereum, token generation, digital currency exchange, proof of work (POW), and building innovative, highly customized, robust, feature-packed, and modular blockchain development solutions.

Blockchain Development

Bahaa Ehab
Bahaa Ehab
Blockchain Developer
12 Year
Bahaa is an experienced Blockchain developer, specialized in custom cryptocurrency and blockchain development, having extensive experience in ICO, POS – Proof of Stake, blockchain website, web portal, & smart contracts application development.

Blockchain Development

Ozgur Mehmet
Ozgur Mehmet
Blockchain Developer
12 Year
Mehmet is responsible for designing and implementing new innovative features and functionalities, establishing the blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, smart contracts application architecture, ensuring high-performance and availability, and managing all blockchain development & technical aspects.

Blockchain Development

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Ready to scale your team with remote developers?

Ready to scale your team with remote developers?

Blockchain Areas we cover

Smart Contract Development

Our firm can help you construct powerful smart contracts for your blockchain projects by leveraging blockchain platforms.

Custom Blockchain Development Solutions

Optymize's skilled blockchain developers assist clients in taking advantage of the myriad options that this technology has to offer, whether through the establishment of decentralized apps or the maintenance of a private blockchain.

Defi Development

Development of blockchain-based investment services, including asset tokenization platforms, peer-to-peer lending, and neobanks.

NFT Development

Create your online platform for storing and trading non-fungible tokens of any kind, such as works, digital art, music, collectibles, and so on.

Create a Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Create your cryptocurrency exchange with BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, and EOS support, as well as safe and quick transactions.

WEB 3.0 Development

We believe that web 3.0 is the future of blockchain. Optymize has skilled developers on hand to construct web 3.0 goods.

Why Companies Choose Optymize

How Osttra used Optymize’s blockchain solutions to modernize the Global Supply Chain?

How DigitalBits joined with Optymize in developing the Propriety Defi NFT Reputation Protocol?

How has Optymize helped in the security auditing of Blockchain wallet?

Contact Our Director of Developer

Contact Our Director of Developer

Blockchain Development Packages

Base Package

19K USD to 29K USD /per month

  • 1 Blockchain/solidity developer
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Frontend developer
  • 1 Web3JS developer

Silver Package

29K USD to 59K USD /per month

  • Everything in Base
  • + Blockchain Business Analyst
  • + Blockchain Quality Assurance
  • + Blockchain Project Manager

Gold Package

39K USD to 79K USD /per month

  • Everything in Silver
  • + Solution Architect
  • + Part time CTO

What Our Clients Have to Say

Alan Finkel

Partner, Union Innovation

Tony Clark

CEO, TC Consulting

Client Reviews of our Blockchain developers

Sam Udotang
Sam Udotang
It has been a great experience working with Juan. He was very professional towards the assignment and delivered my product with excellent quality. I would like to work with him again.
April Underwood
April Underwood
I had a great experience working with Ozgur. He delivered the product as expected and was very flexible along the journey with his professionalism, skill set and deliverables.
Rayfe Gasper
Rayfe Gasper
Naveen was excellent in executing the task. He was flexible and responsive to work with. He has deep knowledge in Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain development. He is a proactive and talented expert.

Ready to scale your team with remote developers?

Ready to scale your team with remote developers?

Use Cases/Services

Trade Finance

Optymize Blockchain technology solutions can potentially revolutionize trade finance, enabling transparent governance, decreased complication, quicker processing.

Capital Markets

The Optymize product portfolio assists financial institutions in adopting digital assets and capitalizing on these disruptive new financial sector solutions.

Defi for Institutions

Decentralized Finance (Defi) creates a plethora of new economic opportunities. Optymize provides several blockchain technologies to ease admission and participation in Defi.

NFT Experiences

At Optymize, we use our extensive knowledge of the NFT business to provide a white-label NFT experience for your company.

Asset Management

Optymize assist in integrating blockchain, enabling customizable assets while also streamlining compliance, onboarding, lifecycle management, asset maintenance, and distribution.

Payments and Digital Currencies

With a new payment infrastructure, Optymize's digital currency solution will help enhance wholesale, retail, and cross-border payments.

Industries We Serve


Blockchain technology has the potential to provide reliable end-to-end tracking and monitoring of vaccinations and pharmaceuticals across the supply chain.

Banking and Finance

Blockchain can make the financial industry more transparent. This transparency will disclose inefficiencies such as fraud, leading to minimising risk for financial institutions.


Using Blockchain, data can be distributed more efficiently and promptly. In Automotive, the status of the vehicles are all things that self-driving cars must be aware of at all times.


The ledger technology enables the safe transmission of patient medical information, maintains the drug supply chain, and assists healthcare researchers in deciphering genetic code.


By validating coverage between corporations and reinsurers, blockchain has the potential to assist automate claims operations. It will also streamline claims payments between parties, lowering administrative expenses for insurance firms.

Supply Chain

Blockchain for supply chain solutions enables supply chain executives to leverage data to deal with today's problems and develop resilience for the future.

Technology and Tools We Use for Blockchain Development

Contact Our Director of Developer

Contact Our Director of Developer

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Review and onboard

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Our aim is to become your long term partner for remote hiring. This will help us understand you better and ensure every remote hire is a success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Optymize thoroughly screens its developers to guarantee that you are only matched with top-tier expertise. Optymize organises a series of tests, assignments as well as live coding challenges on technologies like Solidity, Hyperledger and leading technologies for Blockchain development. To comprehend your goals, technological demands, and team dynamics, you'll work with developers professionals who are not only qualified but experienced as well. The ultimate result: expertly verified talent from our platform, custom-matched to your company's requirements.
We always begin each engagement with a trial term of up to 15 days. This implies you have time to contribute to the success of the engagement. If you are entirely pleased with the outcomes, we will bill you for the time spent and continue the engagement for as long as you require. You will not be charged if you are not entirely pleased. We can then either part ways or refer you to another expert who may be a better fit, with whom we will begin a second, no-risk trial.
Our platform is home to a wide spectrum of skill sets and expertise. Our freelancers include software developers, UX designers, business intelligence professionals, and product managers, as well as financial experts who have worked for prominent technology organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Our software professionals are fluent in a variety of programming languages, including Flutter development. They also have years of expertise designing high-quality blockchain apps, cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, and peer-to-peer trading systems for Android and iOS.
You could potentially hire and begin working with a developer within 48 hours after signing up, depending on availability and how quickly you can proceed.

Ready to scale your team with remote developers?