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JavaScript is a high-level object-oriented language that is used to make interactive websites. Nearly 98% of websites today are coded in JavaScript. Many companies hire JavaScript developers to create games, dynamic web content, web applications, programs, and even blockchain frameworks.

When it comes to JavaScript development, there are a lot of businesses that you can choose from. It can be quite overwhelming for most people to figure out who the best ones are.

This blog post aims to provide you with a list of top JavaScript development companies based on their reviews, portfolios, and expertise.

To understand how we reached our rankings, you need to know how we came up with the data. It’s not an easy task, but it is important. 

You won’t see a top 10 list here or the best list based on SEO analysis (so as not to create a bias in the beginning). We want to share our findings with you so you can easily see the top companies to hire JavaScript developers from based on their reviews, portfolio pages, and expertise.


Top  Development Companies – Shortlist

  1. Optymise
  2. Andersen.Inc
  3. Revelo
  4. BairesDev
  5. Agile Tribe
  6. FreeUp
  7. Talmatic
  8. X-Team
  9. Selleo Labs
  10. CyberCraft

Comparison – Characteristics 

The fact that there is no single choice that you can make regarding your JavaScript development needs hugely implies that it is a world of big money, multi-billion-dollar projects, and ambitious people.

It’s safe to say that the right team is a crucial factor to consider if you aim to build something big. Let’s compare a few details about the top companies to hire JavaScript developers listed in this top list to get things started.

Years Of Experience

  The experience and maturity of a company, most importantly their way of organizing cooperation with clients, is one of the most important factors in whether you should work with them or not. Experience is what will help them adapt to your project and your needs. 
  But also keep in mind, that with less experience comes more flexibility. Companies that are fresh in the industry create a fresh set of ideas for your project. They can also contain senior developers and experts, but their experience and process maturity are less developed. 
  Much of this decision-making process is influenced by the complexity and funding of your project.

Team Size

  A large number of developers at hand can be an advantage, allowing you to speed up the development process tremendously. If everything falls into place and all requirements are met, a contract for cooperation will be signed very quickly.

  On the other hand – especially if there are some more formalities left – it can take quite some time, even months. Smaller companies have a lot fewer formalities to go through, so they often manage to get started in a much shorter time frame.

Quality and Schedule

Developers are one of the most crucial parts of your business and hence of your growth. That’s why when hiring a professional JavaScript developer, you should look at how their team operates, how much formalities it takes for them to kick off their projects and how long the whole process takes.

The best isn’t always about years of experience or a giant workforce, it’s about delivering quality JavaScript developers on time and communicating updates accurately. These are the hallmarks of any successful development company. 

Comparison: Abilities


  As an entrepreneur, you know it’s crucial to have a development partner that also understands your business, goals, and strategy. It will undoubtedly help to make sure your project gets the best advantages out of it. The bigger the value companies put into your project, the better chance the final product will take your business to the next level. 

  Go for a company that puts itself in your shoes—that’s a sign that they value your business more than their own.


  The company’s attitude toward project delivery is very important to assess. What they do to properly understand your requirements and what value they provide for your company are some important questions you should consider.

  A great attitude can be seen as a sign of someone being confident in what they are doing and confident in their product. To assess this, we went through these companies’ websites, blogs, social media channels, and client testimonials.

Ownership and Partnership

  The best way to see if development companies have better ownership and partnership capabilities is to check how well they sink into your team.

  When a business assumes responsibility, it demonstrates confidence as well. It also implies that they are completely aware that errors can occur and won’t be deterred by them. They’ll correct them and take away the lessons. The partnership entails integrating with your group. genuinely participating in it and viewing your accomplishment as a mutual success.

  Consider what is best for you. Most likely, it will be based on your project. To maintain your finger on the pulse, choose a platform that offers complete transparency and clear, perfect communication.

Top Companies To Hire JavaScript Developers From – Details


Optymize is a global technical talent marketplace that links businesses with verified remote engineers who are skilled in both technical and communication abilities and are available during their business hours. Optymize evaluates three crucial characteristics: technical proficiency, communication skills, and the capacity to work remotely.

With Optymize, You can get matched with a JavaScript developer within 48 hours of the call with our Director of Engineering. After this process, it is up to you how quickly you can finish the interview and onboard the developer. On average, Optymize’s freelancers start working within 3-5 days of being matched. They do provide a risk-free two-week trial period.


Headquarters: California, United States

Credibility & Excellence: 

  •  Optymize Named One of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2021 by Forbes.
  •  Optymize Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021.

Hourly Price: $25 – $49 / hr

Offered Services: Software Development, IT Services, Business Consulting

Served Clients: Tesla, Amazon, Spotify, Airbnb 

Employees: 10 – 49

Pros from clients: “Hasslefree & Excellent communication, Great leadership, Technical Skills, Skilled development team, fast delivery, Round the clock help”

Industry: Information Technology, Business Services

Skills: Blockchain Development, DeFi Development, Metaverse Development


Andersen.Inc is a growing global community that offers developers for hire to various companies and clients. They have pre-vetted developers who are dedicated to the projects. They help businesses in solving challenges and making sustainable digital products. Andersen.Inc has specialized senior-level developers that can provide services for any kind of software project.


Headquarters: New York, United States

Review and Rating: Clutch – 4.9 stars (97 reviews)

Hourly Price: $25 – $49 / hr

Offered Services: Mobile App Development, IT Managed Services, Custom Software Development

Years of Experience: 14

Served Clients: Samsung, TUI, Seimens

Employees: 1000 – 9999

Pros from clients: “ The team worked tirelessly and managed everything properly on the project. They even kept it under the budget.” 

Industry: Software Development, Information Technology

Skills: Web Development, Mobile Development, IOT Development Services


Revelo is a talent platform that specializes in sourcing and hiring remote tech talent who reside in US time zones. Revelo helps startups and enterprises hire pre-vetted remote developers, JavaScript, DevOps, data engineers, and other tech roles. By focusing exclusively on US time zones, Revelo enables synchronous remote engineering teams that can collaborate in real time.


Headquarters: Florida, United States

Credibility & Excellence: 

  • Awarded ‘100 start-ups to watch in 2019
  • Awarded ‘51 Good Ideas’ in 2019 by Fisher

Hourly Price: Undisclosed

Offered Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development

Years of Experience: 7

Served Clients: Walrus, Intuit, Sparkcognition

Employees:  50 – 249

Pros from clients: “Awesome in every way”, “They are a transparent company and super accessible to the candidate”.

Industry: Information Technology, Finance


BairesDev is one of the leading Nearshore solutions providing companies. They have around 5000 pre-vetted engineers from 36 countries to provide 24/7 services to the clients. They operate from Latin America and have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and top brands. 

They are known to work with only 1% of the top IT talent in the world. That means companies can hire JavaScript developers who are pre-vetted, interviewed and duly tested.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Credibility & Excellence: 

  • Awarded by- Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers and Advisors, 
  • Awarded for- Excellence in Customer Service 2022

Hourly Price: $25 – $49/hr

Offered Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, IOT development

Years of Experience: 13

Served Clients: Google, IBM, Autodesk

Employees: 1000 – 9,999

Pros from clients: “Everyone was hardworking and passionate in the team.” 

Industry: Information Technology, Finance, E-commerce, Blockchain Technology


Companies of all sizes trust Agile Tribe to deliver exceptional freelance software engineers to help scale their products.

With 500+ vetted software engineers they can have developers working on projects within 48hrs. Their experts have experience in over 300 different programming languages, frameworks & tools.


Headquarters: Bath, United Kingdom

Review and Rating: Clutch – 4.8 stars (6 reviews); Goodfirms – 0 stars (0 reviews)

Hourly Price: $50 – $99 / hr

Offered Services: Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development

Years of Experience: 4

Served Clients: Slack, Google, Airbnb, Uber

Employees: 10 – 49

Pros from clients: “Agile Tribe helped us scale our product team to keep up with our ambitious roadmap”, “If you need engineering resources on-demand then Agile Tribe is the ideal solution”.

Industry: Information Technology, Financial Services, Business Services

Skills: Blockchain Development, Tokenization, NFT Development


FreeUp is a marketplace platform to hire technicians, freelancers, and virtual assistants for eCommerce agencies and businesses. They have a vetting and interview process which allows them to hire only the top 1% of the talent in their network. They provide 24/7 services to clients based on their requirements.

Companies can submit their requests and get matched with a suitable freelancer within hours  You can hire Javascript developers for consultations, and freelance development jobs.


Headquarters:  Florida, USA

Review and Rating: Glassdoor- 4.9(189 Votes) Sitejabber- 4.9 (102 votes)

Hourly Price: $5- $90

Offered Services: Freelancers, Product Development, Business Development

Years of Experience: 7

Served Clients: Skubana, Payability, SellerLabs

Employees: 99- 500

Pros from clients: “I had a wonderful experience working with Freeup. Highly satisfied by the quality of work from their freelancers.” “They have seasoned talent that fits on the budget. They are in league with Fiverr.”

Industry: Information Technology, eCommerce, and Hiring Platform


Good developers are always in high demand and thus costly. Getting in-house developers for your company is expensive and freelancers aren’t fit for long-term work. Talmatic, as a concierge service company, provides every type of collaboration on a contract basis. Talmatic doesn’t allow individual specialists to hire. 

Their remote development team consists of developers from Ireland and Ukraine. They provide an easy and fast process for companies in eastern Europe looking to scale up their growth.


Headquarters: County Wexford, Ireland

Reviews and Ratings: Glassdoor- 5 stars. Clutch- 5 stars 

Hourly Price: $25-$49

Offered Services: Software development,, Web Development, Application Development

Years of Experience: 5

Served Clients: Robinhood, Shopify, Cloudify

Employees:  2-9

Pros from clients: “Talmatic is a reliable partner. They quickly provided the right technicians based on our needs. We are happy with their quality of service, efficiency, and flexibility.”

Industry: FinTech, Edtech, ECommerce

8. X- TEAM

X-Team, like its name, provides teams of motivated developers for hire by companies and helps them scale up their development processes. They have 100% remote developers from 70+ countries. Unlike other companies that only place and drop individual engineers, X-team provides a whole team that looks after every operation in the development process. Their goal is to shape companies and make them effectively adapt to the digital age.


Headquarters: Texas, United States

Reviews and Ratings: Glassdoor – 4.8 (84votes) 

Hourly Price: $50- $99

Offered Services: Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Staff Augmentation

Years of Experience: 15

Served Clients: Riot Games, Fox Broadcasting, Coinbase

Employees:  250 – 299

Pros from clients: “We’ve worked with other service providers before, but X-Team exceeded all our expectations. They are outgrowing their competitors ”

Industry: Information Technology, Finance, Gaming


Selleo Labs has a wide range of expertise in technological software and frameworks. With over 10 years of experience, they have provided over 150 services and projects to clients in US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Most of the nearshore clients are based around Germany and Russia. They provide specialized services in Saas, mobile app development and web development. They primarily work in frontend JavaScript frameworks such as  NodeJS and ReactJS. 

Their diverse team of developers can increase productivity, make faster implementation and provide consultation to your product development. 


Headquarters: Bielsko- Biala, Poland

Reviews and Ratings: Clutch: 5(25reviews) Goodfirms- 4.9 (17reviews)

Hourly Price:  $25 – $49

Offered Services:  Software Development, Web Designing,  Web Development 

Years of Experience: 16

Served Clients: Northpass, Metreno , BattleRiff

Employees:   50 – 249

Pros from clients: “Selleo has been very easy to work with. We were easily able to communicate our issues and their team was effectively set up with our requirements..”

Industry:  Information Technology, Gaming, E-commerce 


CyberCraft has a reliable team of qualified remote developers. For around 10 years they have been providing quality stuff augmentation services to clients over the globe. They have a dedicated team and companies can hire javascript developers according to their requirements.

Their remote team is organized and is always equipped with the desired tech stack to meet client needs. From individual developers to a large group, clients can hire any service.


Headquarters: Lviv, Ukraine

Reviews and Ratings: Clutch- 4.9 (13 votes)

Hourly Price:  $25 – $49

Offered Services: Web Development, Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation

Years of Experience: 10

Served Clients: SolanoLabs, Polymorph, Allgress, OptNet

Employees:   50 – 249

Pros from clients: “We enjoyed working with the firm. The developers are professionals, very open and flexible to work with.”

Industry:  Information Technology, Real Estate, Advertising and Marketing


You surely have some favorites by now. Continue your research by analyzing other top lists or contacting chosen companies right away. 

Before starting the cooperation, remember to recon the way they manage the project, and ask how they will provide the highest level of transparency. Recognize your role in the whole process, ways of communication, and how the project will be managed.

Choosing the perfect company to hire JavaScript developers can feel like a daunting task. You will have a lot on your mind when you start the process. You want to make sure you choose just the right team to build exactly what you require.

You want to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded — and, most importantly, that your costs will remain under control during the entire development lifecycle.

Good Luck!



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