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Remote development has been gaining a huge appreciation from multiple niches, no doubt it’s becoming the choice of every other business for effective product development as it brings the expert professional with skills to sharpen software solutions.

According to research data, more than 17% of companies are fully remote and more have shown interest in joining the club, but as with every other revolutionary concept, remote development has its flaws too, such as timezone difference, and less control over production and others. Though it has some flaws, its flexible operations are attracting businesses to hire remote teams.

But as it’s a relatively new concept, companies are unaware of how to hire remote teams to uplift their development objectives. If you are one of them and still scratching your head thinking of this problem we have got you covered, as we have brought an article that solely focuses on how to hire remote development team in 2022.

What is A Remote Development Team?

A remote development team is a group of elite professional developers who are employed by a company on a contractual basis to carry out their tasks outside of a traditional office environment. These teams are the experts and geeks of the software development niche and are usually hired for crucial roles.

Why Do You Need A Remote Development Team?

Many organizations will raise questions, we have our in-house team which is capable of delivering software solutions on time then why should we consider hiring these teams? or why do we need these teams?

No doubt your hiring expertise is legit, but you may have encountered situations where even your teams have failed you at points and you had to extend the deadline by having a call with clients, which brings the feeling of in-capable operation.

Besides, as you hire developers in a huge number you may have noticed some of them are bad hires. It happens to every other industry where they get stuck with bad hires, although you can elevate their potential or fire them, you can’t really refund the money you spent on these hires, which again frustrates you. If you don’t want this to happen again then remote work team building can help you out.

Characteristics of Remote Teams

  • i) Elite Developers.
  • ii) Professionals with Robust Soft & Technical Skills.
  • iii) Work Effectively.
  • Iv) Have Greater Productivity.
  • v) More Focused.
  • vi) Engage With Companies for Feedback.

Benefits of Remote Development Team

1. The Finest Productivity

According to research data, remote development boosts productivity by more than 70% as compared to in-house development. Since they work from any remote location the developer workspace is mostly peaceful, unlike any office filled with different noise, disturbances and distractions. A peaceful environment boosts focus of the team and as there is no in-person contact with any colleague they are bound to speak less. For this reason, they have greater productivity and build effective software solutions.

2. Minimum Cost

Research data say that companies spend more than $20 billion per in-house developer every year and remote hiring can turn out helpful as it requires minimal cost. A regular in-house team requires an office which has its own expenses such as maintenance, furniture, real estate costs, electricity bills and much more. Whereas, remote work doesn’t require anything, which means companies save a lot of money by hiring offshore talent.

Furthermore, the in-house teams expect heavy wages for their work, according to glassdoor the average salaries of software developers range between $80k to $140k and not all companies are capable of providing such salaries, especially small businesses and startups because they run on a tight budget. These businesses can hire talents from third-world countries with huge currency differences, which allows them to gain elite talented developers from that region at a lower cost.

3. Quality Production

Quality products attract and retain customers hence it’s important to build quality products that can form a profound bond between the customers and the company. Remote development is an ideal choice for quality products because it offers to work with a team of expert developers who have previous experience in solving complex problems and delivering an errorless system. Moreover, the remote teams are mostly hired for crucial tasks which in-house teams can’t perform.

4. Perfect Option for Scalability

A remote development team can also be used to power your project, such as when you feel there is a lack of expertise in a certain technical field you can always reach out to freelance platforms and fill your resource gap. This allows flexible operations and you can use that remote employee till the completion of your project. Hence it’s an ideal scalability option.

5. 24*7 Product Development

The problem with in-house teams rises with sunset, and it limits your production at some level. On the other hand, remote workers operate from different offshore locations and can continue working on the project round the clock for faster product delivery. Companies can heavily benefit from this strategy as they will produce products in huge numbers, which again will boost their reputation in the market.

Different Remote Hiring Methodologies

1. Full-Scale Long-Term Hiring

This type can be ideal for companies that seek to focus their entire development on remote teams, where the development procedure from core to management will be done by these offshore teams only. This means it will contain developers, SQA engineers, designers, managers and even CTOs. Hence it’s called full-scale long-term hiring and is best suited for startups with a tight budget and who need instant scaling solutions.

2. Requirement Based Hiring

As we discussed earlier, sometimes the in-house teams lack a certain level of expertise in a technical field, and to fill the resource gap remote teams are hired. For example, if a company is building a blockchain-based application and lacks a team of Solana developers, they can reach out to freelance platforms with their requirements and hire a team at an hourly rate. It’s best suited for all companies, startups and small businesses as teams will work on a contractual basis.

3. Project-Based Hiring

Project-based hiring solely focuses on hiring individual developers or roles related to development. Similar to the requirement based, a company can reach out to a vendor to get an expert for the required technology. This type is best for all-size businesses as a single developer won’t cost much to them.

How To Hire Dedicated Remote Development Teams

As usual, the difficult part remains the same and that is hiring teams, most companies don’t know how to hire remote employees or a team. So before you begin with the hiring procedures consider working on perquisites that will clarify your objectives and will make the hiring procedure much easier.

1. Understand Project Requirements

Requirements shape the projects, and if you know them well then chances are you will be able to hire the perfect team for your development needs. Start identifying your project scope and resources, required tools and technologies, and required types of remote teams and their skill sets. Furthermore, define project objectives, deadlines and goals to help freelance teams understand the project effectively.

2. Prepare Job Description

After you understand the requirements the next step would be to put these requirements in a proper format to create a job description where you will highlight the core parts of the projects to give teams an idea of what you need. While you prepare the job description highlight the required skills, technologies, prefered experience level and academics to define the ideal team for your development objectives.

3. Contact Freelance Platforms and Employment sites

Once you are done with the job description begin posting it on the freelance platforms and employment sites which will help you in finding the best team. Freelance platforms operate with an objective to provide companies with desirable teams hence they may turn out an ideal option for your projects.

While you contact any freelance platform do check out their customer reviews, companies they have worked with and other parameters, so you will be assured that the platform is capable of delivering teams that can elevate a business.

4. Explain Your Requirements

After you contact these platforms, explain your requirement to the operation team so they can assist you with the different developers’ teams that are capable of performing effective development operations. Be persuasive, state your requirements clearly and get aware of all the support facilities they provide when something goes wrong.

5. Review Profile and Conduct Interviews

A team requires every other role from CTO to a software engineer so screen through every other profile as per roles to decide which has the skill sets and experience you need in your remote team and accordingly make a list.

Once you shortlist the roles required for your project, conduct interviews. Set time and dates for the interviews and inform the candidates and freelance platform regarding the interview procedures. While you interview candidates, use technical questionnaires to understand their knowledge of required technology that way you will get a brief idea of the candidate’s technical skills. Afterwards, when you find the ideal match, negotiate on your terms and make an offer.

6. Onboard and Begin Remote Product Development

After the selection of different roles onboard them and give a brief introduction about your company culture, its rules and policies so they can get well versed with these terms. Assign tasks to each role and manage remote development teams to achieve effective IT practices.

How to Manage A Remote Development Team

Managing remote and virtual teams is a tedious task as they operate outside of the office environment and as there is no in-person conversation leaders are bound to feel less control over these teams, and they may even make incorrect assumptions regarding their remote team’s development practices. For this reason, managing a remote team is crucial.

Since the events of the pandemic, many companies were forced to adapt to remote work policies, having analyzed its flaws many IT firms and startups began to solve the monitoring issues to manage teams and construct a strong bond between teams and companies. As a result, they build software that can track every single employee’s tasks with the help of AI and ML concepts.

These smart monitoring softwares are now used in huge amounts to control, manage and monitor the remote agile development teams. Apart from this, many video conferencing platforms have used AI technology that reduces file size and offers smooth yet faster communication. This eliminates poor communication even with poor internet connection issues. By using these tools leaders can manage and track remote team activities more effectively and shape their projects as per their perspective.


Experts suggest that remote work is here to stay as it introduces effective product development, less carbon emission, and better health and wealth for both employers and employees. Furthermore, as these parameters have become an essential need, the popularity and acceptance rate of remote work has grown immensely.

Having said that, hiring remote development teams can become a tedious task if you are not aware of the perquisites. We have mentioned all the necessary steps for hiring remote teams that you can use to begin your remote development journey. Though it has flaws and issues, technology is boosting remote work with the help of smart monitoring softwares and telecommuting functionalities that help monitor remote teams and have flawless interaction to exchange great ideas. Moreover, a company can optimize it’s agile best practices for remote teams to help elevate their operations to a greater extent.1. 



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