How To Find and Hire Node.js Developer

How To Find and Hire Node.js Developer


Node.js, both as a framework and as a run-time environment, became the most exciting technology for web application development almost overnight. It has grown in prominence as a back-end and full-stack development platform for enterprises of all sizes throughout the years. As a result, there is no shortage of Node.js developers all around the world. However, how do you go about finding the ideal one for your company? Here’s a complete list of things to think about before hiring Node.js professionals to assist you.

What is Node.js? Why is it Popular?

Node.js is a framework for easily creating efficient and scalable network applications based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Node.js is lightweight and efficient because of its event-driven, non-blocking I/O approach, which is ideal for information-intensive real-time applications that operate across multiple devices.

Now coming to why it’s popular, JavaScript is the foundation of Node.js. As a result, most developers consider Node.js to be user-friendly. Furthermore, the framework enjoys widespread community support. Certain code packages and modules are made freely available by the community. A Node.js developer can build apps faster using these components.

But it was the fact that Node.js is a comprehensive tool that can be used as a full-stack platform that made it so popular. As a result, Node.js developers may create the entire application code without having to switch back and forth between the front-end and back-end.

In the field of technology, Node.js has become a buzzword, and recruiting Node.js developers is one of the steps that each software development company should be familiar with.

Technical Skills to look out for while Hiring Node.js Developers:

When you hire a reliable Node.js developer, you’re getting an efficient coder who can write and reuse verifiable and efficient code. He or she is also in charge of ensuring that the application performs well and that low latency is implemented. A skilled Node.js developer can also create simple GIT tools in Node.js when working on huge projects. Of course, with so many data breaches occurring on a daily basis, they must be familiar with security and data protection projects, as well as data storage solutions such as databases, key-value stores, and blob stores.

  • Great Programming Skills:
  • It goes without saying that a Node.js developer must be a skilled programmer. They must be able to swiftly develop codes for the most basic difficulties. In addition to producing proper results, the code should be legible, precise, and cheap.

  • Knowledge of front-end Technologies:
  • A Node.js developer that is familiar with front-end technologies will be able to work more effectively with back-end technologies. Developers squander time trying to make the back-end and front-end work together. A skilled Node.js developer understands numerous front-end technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, and popular front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue to save time.

  • Working Knowledge of RESTful APIs:
  • RESTful APIs are a critical component of Node.js projects’ operational efficiency. So, before you hire a Node.js developer, make sure they’re familiar with RESTful APIs. They should also be able to create bespoke APIs in the event that the necessity arises.

  • Good Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks:
  • The Node.js ecosystem, like any other web development technology, is made up of a variety of frameworks that aid in the development process. These frameworks aid in the enhancement of existing Node.js apps’ capability. It’s critical for a Node.js developer to grasp these frameworks so that they can reduce development time while also boosting Node.js projects with useful features and tools.

    Consider hiring Node.js developers who are familiar with frameworks such as Hapi.js, Feather.js, and Sails.js if you want to construct a scalable online application.

  • The Ability to use Asynchronous Programming Correctly:
  • When interviewing Node.js developers, ask them a lot of questions regarding asynchronous programming. Give them a modest practical exercise to see how effectively they can manage callbacks while running asynchronous code on a web page if that’s possible.

  • A firm Grasp on Databases:
  • A good Node.js developer should be able to construct database systems that meet the website’s requirements. They should also know how to choose the right database type for a Node.js application.

    Soft skills to look out for while hiring Node.js developers:

    1. Communication Skills: Always look for Node.js developers who are good communicators. They do not need a large vocabulary of sophisticated words, but they must be able to express themselves clearly.
    2. Problem-solving Skills: When hiring Node.js developers, look for someone who has a penchant for solving problems. A good developer’s capacity to solve problems is a distinguishing feature. They won’t be able to innovate in their profession or improve their own talents if they can’t solve challenges. 
    3. Willingness to continue to learn and grow: Without a desire to learn, no developer can perform at their best. Your project will be mediocre at best if your Node.js developers stop growing their capabilities.

    Hiring Options: Node.js Developers

    There are three popular recruiting options: find a freelance Node.js developer for a project, hire one as part of your in-house team, or hire a web development agency for staff augmentation or complete outsourcing of the Node.js project, as you probably already know.

    Getting a Node.js Developer to Work for you on a Freelance Basis:

    While the cost of hiring Node.js developers as freelancers is modest, there might be a slew of other expenses that crop up as the project progresses. For example, your freelancer might not have all the skills that are required which can add up expenses on hiring again.

    What does it Cost to Employ a Node.js Developer?

    The cost of employing a Node.js developer is determined by factors such as the Node.js developer’s seniority and location.

    In North America, a junior Node.js developer might be hired for $35-$55 per hour. In Western Europe and Australia, the same junior Node.js developer will set you back $55-$75. 

    Node.js developers in Asia and Eastern Europe, on the other hand, will work for you for $35-55 per hour.

    In India, the average compensation for a Node.js developer is ₹472,000.

    How to Hire Node.js Developers?

  • Define your Requirements:
  • Before you begin the process, you must first identify and describe your requirements. Make your own persona — define the ideal Node JS developer for your situation.

  • Look for Your required skill set:
  • Once you figure out your requirements you can hire Node.js developers accordingly. The task is to find your match, by screening and testing them. Look out for the technical skills mentioned in the above section.

  • Assess the Andidates:
  • Fill the pipeline with people who appear to meet the profile you defined at the start. Assessing them is the only way to find out if they meet your requirements.

    The purpose of the test is to check not only skills but also engagement. If a candidate is serious about working for your organisation, he will be willing to spend a few hours completing a task in a framework with which he may be unfamiliar. It will also allow you to assess whether the individual can come up with innovative ideas while using tools they have never used before.

    One can not test every skill of a Node.js developer with a single test. So, if you prefer or have enough resources then you may conduct these assessments on different skills, Technical Assessment, Psychometric Analysis, Coding Challenges, or provide a chance to work in a risk-free live project.

  • Providing detailed feedback:
  • Give your candidate detailed feedback on the task or technical test they submitted. You can also explain their resources to help them strengthen their weakest areas.

  • Conduct an interview:
  • Interview them and find out if they match your company culture. Sometimes it’s not just about the technical skills, there are certain soft skills that are required in your Node.js developers. Look for skills mentioned above in the section “Top soft skills to look for when hiring Node.js developers”

    And there you go, you’ve hired the perfect Node.js developer for your firm!

    Job Description for a Node.js Developer – A sample Template:

    If you want to hire a Node.js Developer, you must advertise about it. Developers aren’t just going to knock on your door and offer their resume. For that you will need an attractive job description. That will sound serious as well as interactive. The job Description of a Node.js Developer should provide insightful data on requirements and responsibilities. You can reach out to the in-house team and find out why they need a Node.js Developer, so that you collect those data and make them concise and attractive and post them on different sites. The following is one of the examples of the Job Description of a Node.js Developer.

    “We’re looking for talented Node.js developers to assist us in making our web-based application more efficient. You’ll be working with our front-end application developers, building back-end components, and integrating data storage and security solutions are all part of the job. An experienced Node.js developer will be able to communicate data between servers and end-users in a consistent, quick, and secure manner.”


    A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or a closely related field is required.
    Expertise in JavaScript, web stacks, libraries, and frameworks is essential.
    Having done a java certification course would be an added benefit.
    Excellent time management and organizing abilities.

    Responsibilities of the Selected Candidate Include:

    Working in collaboration on the integration of elements with front-end developers.
    Building testable, scalable, and efficient code to create high-performance apps.
    Implementing appropriate security procedures, information safety protocols, and storage solutions

    Top Platforms to Hire Node.js Developers:

  • Job boards:
  • You can reach a huge number of software engineers with little effort if you use job boards, but you can expect to receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications from candidates that aren’t eligible for the job.

  • LinkedIn:
  • LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for conducting research. You can not only screen your applicants there, but you can also actively search for and contact those who suit your specifications. Developers enjoy sharing their knowledge on blogs as well.

  • Freelancing Platforms:
  • Other sites to look for Node JS developers are freelancing platforms like Optymize, Toptal, or Fiverr. The greatest advantage of freelancing sites is that you can simply view each freelancer’s rating and experience and pick which of them best fits your needs. Unfortunately, many freelancers are unable to take on more difficult and sophisticated jobs due to a lack of time.

  • Node.js community:
  • The Node.js community is one of the world’s largest, most lively, most inventive open source communities. The community creates, uses, and maintains Node.js. The community, we feel, is at the heart of Node.js’ appeal. Talented individuals from all around the world collaborate and create this community because they have a common passion. This can be a potential place to find your developer.

    In conclusion, how can you choose the best Node.js developer for your project?

    Your Node.js developer should be able to design and configure apps to match the needs of the company.
    A good Node.js developer is familiar with the various Node.js frameworks and understands which one to utilize for which project.
    Data analysis is a skill that good Node.js developers have when it comes to determining the business demands of apps and processes. To ensure effective team collaboration, hire developers with good communication and problem-solving skills.

    Hope this article helps you to find and hire a qualified Node.js developer that is a perfect fit for your requirements. Don’t forget to include the level of talent you’re looking for, as well as the qualifications, credentials, and experience you’ll need. Aside from increased productivity, a remote developer may provide a lot of good vibes. Before you recruit remote developers, take caution while reviewing portfolios or conducting assessments.
    Happy hiring!



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