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iOS is a leading platform in many international markets, including Canada, US, France and Norway. That means there is a huge opportunity for you in iOS app development if you can attract the wealthy apple users with your product. An iOS app development team will help you build such an app that will also provide great revenue. 

A dedicated iOS app development team comprises of many individuals that create a high quality application. The major benefit of outsourcing a team is they can easily divide all the different development tasks and can complete it in a given time period. Compared to hiring individual freelancers, hiring a mobile development team has a lot more benefits. Read the guide to know more about the remote ios app development team and how you can hire one for your next project.

What is a Mobile App Development Team

An iOS app development team comprises of a group of professionals who create apps and softwares for startups and also supervise the project for a given time period. Do not confuse these technicians with freelancers. They are hired for specific project as full-time remote employee through iOS app development companies and job board platforms and work alongside your in-house development team.

As a startup, outsourcing an iOS app development team is a far better option than hiring individual freelancers. This approach will save you a lot of time in finding and hiring the right technicians, in project completion and also provide for a quality work. Moreover, you can also focus on other aspects of the business and leave the whole technical responsibility to the team.

Why Consider Hiring a Remote iOS App Development Team

Hiring a dedicated iOS app development team offers a cost effective approach to build scalable apps for companies. They are also a feasible option for long term mobile app development process. 

Let’s discuss some reasons to hire a remote iOS development team:

Reason 1. Scalable Workforce

One advantage with remote employment is that it is more cost effective than in-house employment without affecting productivity. Thus, you can gain faster scalability and flexible employment with fewer risks. Though the onboarding cost might be high for some mobile development companies, depending upon the region and expertise level, it is still more budget friendly than the general employment as it saves the bills and costs of company resources used by the in-house developers.

Hiring remote iOS app developers also gives you access to a vast pool of global talent with varying expertise that can create complex features at reasonable price. With such benefits, and considering your budget, you can easily manipulate the size of your workforce according to your needs. Hire your team from a suitable company that can scale up and down the team size as per the growing project demands with least legal issues and paper work headaches.

Reason 2. Access to Global Talent

According to a report by Statista, the number of developers in US and UK together is upto 5-6 million. While, there are more than 25 million developers living worldwide. That is a vast pool of untapped talent which can be available to you if you decide to outsource your next iOS app development team. 

Reason 3. Cost-effective

The most important reason to hire a remote iOS app development team is its economical nature. Hiring a remote team has two cost cutting benefits.

  • >It saves the cost of infrastructure and in-houes team management. According to recent reports, startups save more than $10,000 annually on office utilities, space and electricity costs used to spent on each employee. 
  • >Region plays a big role in determining app development team cost. If you are a startup from a country with high labour prices, you can easily outsource developers from a mobile app development company situated in middle-income countries.

Reason 4. Access to Varying Skills

Startups often fail due to lack of skilled candidates required to build a scalable product. It is essential that you make a dedicated team of technicians with different skill set to develop your mobile app. But finding and managing them is hard. Hence, outsourcing your ios app development team is a far better option as it saves you from the hurdle of testing and recruiting individual candidates.

Moreover, the outsourced team would already be having multiple individuals with different skill sets who will get the job done easily. The iOS app development companies already keep a vast network of developers and programmers that they deploy as per the project need which you can access for your job.

Reason 5. Quality

Hiring a remote app development team gives startups and businesses access to an unlimited pool of talented programmers all around the globe. These developers are as equipped with skills as your in-house team. Only difference is, they don’t work in office. The work quality, discipline and time management is top notch with remote iOS development team. You can hire them as per their skills, either interns or veterans from different countries and can sync up the development process with them. 

Mobile App Development Team Roles:

Draft The Whole Mobile App Development Plan

This is the starting phase. Everything begins here. The iOS app development team members brainstorm over what type of application it will be, its features and working, and the challenges it could face. One portion of the team will work on the structure of utility cases which the future application may perform. Meanwhile another group will be pondering over the business and market estimation of the app they are going to make. After this initial research and planning phase, we move onto the next processes.

Documentation and Surveying

Here it is important to perform a practicality appraisal to figure out what backend ought to be created, what frameworks can (or can’t) be utilized. It tends to be accomplished with the assistance of application usefulness evaluation. Other than that, all prerequisites ought to be surveyed based on the stage since Android and iOS working frameworks have its very own particularities. 

Likewise, the development procedure of the application relies upon whether it will be a mixture application, cross-stage, or a local one. Toward the finish of this stage, your application can be adjusted with some new highlights or some of them will be evacuated because of some solid reasons like powerlessness to actualize it or another.


Prototypes make it feasible for the client to perceive how the application will look and how it will function. An immediately constructed model will establish the framework of mobile app development. The client can prompt what he/she might want to change to keep away from the startling updates in the future particularly if the financial backing is restricted.

UX/ UI Designing

It is simply the main phase of the application improvement process itself. UI/UX architects are engaged with the production of client experience of the application, their undertaking is to make UX natural and clear for future clients.

This procedure is somewhat long and it requires a ton of time. When UX is prepared, Android and iOS engineers can see the entire usefulness, how it should work and what procedures ought to be actualized.

Developing Structure

iOS app development team members then start making the structure of the application, they make it alive and practical. The development procedure is executed by an Agile strategy, it is the most advantageous philosophy that accomplishes the best outcome.

Testing & Quality Checks

QA engineers give a valiant effort to take care of the product and make it totally liberated from any bugs. There are numerous kinds of mobile app testing and the objective of QA experts is to give the application all testing types that are ideal in this particular case. At the point when the last bug is pulverized, the application can be sent to discharge. 

What to Know Before Hiring a Dedicated iOS App Development Team

1. Know What you Want to Develop

Irrespective of the simplicity or complexity of what you’re planning to develop, it’s imperative to have an idea and communicate it with your outsourced team. Would you like to develop a native app or web app? Would you like to develop an Android app, an iOS app, or a cross-platform app that works across all operating systems?

It’s the product that determines the tech stack, methodology, and the developers you’ll need. There are different apps, and each application type requires a different tech stack. Below is a spreadsheet depicting the different types of apps and tech stacks needed.

2. Know About Your Expectation

What do you expect from your team? Would you rather have a reliable technical partner, a workforce of doers, a team of industry experts, or a workforce with a mix of all three? Each of these options has its ideal management, deliverables, and engagement requirements.

For example, a team of doers gets the job done faster and cheaply but requires constant management oversight. Thus, it’s not good for startups that lack an in-house, fully dedicated management workforce.

3. Know How Much Your App Development Team cost

As you might expect, the cost of creating iOS apps often depends on several factors. Most significantly, the number and style of features you want to incorporate into your project. If there is also a team needed for app startup you need to plan a budget that will suit your priorities and expectations for the project.

Hire a Swift developer if you want a native iOS solution. If you are looking for an iOS and Android cross-platform application – employ Flutter or React Native developer. Talk to and ask for advice from your software house. They will happily help and can even hold workshops to decide the key iOS features if necessary.

A budget is a key to completing your project according to stipulated goals. It plays a crucial role in determining the features and functionalities of your application. Unless you have an unlimited budget for development, management, and marketing – which is unfeasible for a startup, it’s imperative to hold a series of meetings with the team’s business analyst and project manager. This will help you understand the exact financial implication of the workflow.


For today’s businesses to increase their customer retention and grow their revenue, mobile applications are the best tools for the job. The mobile application business is majorly ruled by two platforms- Android and iOS. Android, though has a larger population base compared to iOS, but iOS still has more purchasing power as its users typically spend more than Android’s. 

As a business, you cannot ignore the numbers. So here are a few steps to look for before you hire an iOS app development team.

Step 1. Find an Ideal Team

There’s no broad definition of what constitutes a qualified team, as it’s subjective to the startup. A suitable team for startup A may be grossly unsuitable for startup B. It all depends on the app idea and preference.

As such, you should search for a preferred team yourself.

  • Portfolio– In order to know what to expect from the iOS app development team, looking at their portfolio is the best choice. A portfolio will tell you everything about their strengths, core competency, previous works, and efficiency. A good portfolio that matches your need will develop your trust in the team. Otherwise, you are only hiring a bad team and wasting your time, money, and resources on a project that will most likely fail. Hence, take as much time as you can but research well abou t the company before hiring. 
  • Research the Developers– The experience and skills of the developers are directly proportional to the quality of your iOS application. You surely do not want a non-qualified team of developers that can put your whole app development process in jeopardy.

Step 2. Choose the Most Suitable Model

Settling for an option out of many can be difficult. To go for the best option, first carry out extensive research on every development company on your list, then validate their claims, and create a template for proper communication.

Here’s how to choose the best team.

  • Do a Company Research– Independent research gives you a top-notch overview of some important metrics about the company. For example, it’ll give you an idea of what past clients think about them and the team’s skillset. You can check the company’s page on Clutch and Goodfirm.

At the end of your independent research, your choice should be one that can deliver on your project requirement. Once you’re okay with the information gotten about the team and the company, it’s time to start communicating your idea.

  • Communicate with the Team– Once you’ve seen a development company you’ll like to partner with, start communicating with them. It’s best to begin your discussion by calling them to introduce your startup and what you’d like to accomplish with the partnership. Watch out for good communication strategies during this process and ensure they’re enthusiastic about developing your idea. Discuss how to bridge time zone differences, your preferred milestones, and overall deliverable.


Step 3. Formalize your Agreement and Start Onboarding

A word-of-mouth agreement without signing necessary documents holds no water. It’s essential to legally bind what you’ve agreed on to keep the software development agency aboard with the project. Finalize the agreement with a Non Disclosure Agreement  before making any payment. Keep in mind that vendors also outsource key development processes. As such, ensure you craft your NDA in a way that covers all parties involved in developing, launching, and management.

Also keep in mind to include all necessary information in the contract. It will include salary, invoice, time frame, project and team description, etc. Once you are all set, onboard the team and start your development process.


We hope this article helps you recruit an iOS developer that is the right match for your company. Specify your level of experience, make a list of credentials and criteria, search for a specialized site, attend technical events and select wisely. If you want to hire developer team from Optymize, click here.



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