The Top Freelance Jobs to Try in 2022

The Top Freelance Jobs to Try in 2022


Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are an outstanding option for any individual with particular skill set. If you are looking forward to working independently in your own time from the comfort of your place or working on projects that seem enticing for you, then freelance jobs are a fabulous way to move forward.

Many MSME startups have realised the benefits of independent professionals and freelancers. There are a lot of professionals who are quitting their 9-to-5 job to take their careers in a new direction using freelancer jobs.

These freelancers use various professional freelancer job platforms such as Upwork and Optymize for connecting with future clients. One of the good things about the freelancer jobs platform is you get paid for the skill you have and the result you produce using those skills. The more happy clients, the more growth is what you will witness in your freelancer career.

Another good thing is, that you can choose the projects based on your experience level and the payment. If you’re new to the world of freelancer then you should start the project with the lowest amount. It will be your experience and stepping stone towards another part of your career.

But if you feel confident about your skill, then you’re more than welcome to try as you please. Searching for Freelancer jobs was your choice. So, choose the projects which you feel can finish with tremendous results.

In this article, we will discuss many things related to Freelancer Jobs. The topics namely what are freelance jobs, the best remote freelancer jobs, the best place to find freelancer jobs(Online platforms such as Upwork, Optymize), easy, highest paid, and reasons for choosing freelancer jobs with other topics. Let us begin with the fundamental question: What are freelancer Jobs?

What are Freelance Jobs? 

Before we answer this question, we must dive a little deeper and find the answer to the first question, who is a freelancer? If you are going through this blog, you are one step nearer to your freelancer career. From here on, you should consider yourself a freelancer. Because you will be a person who will do work in an individual environment. No offices, no colleagues. Only you and the screen before you.

Freelancers are those who get paid after offering some particular kind of service to their clients. For a freelancer, freelancing is the only source of income. If you become good at it then there’s no way you’re going to stop freelancing any time soon.

By now you should get some idea of who is a freelancer and what he does.

Now, let’s come to the original question: What are freelance Jobs? Freelance jobs are work assigned to you by some individuals or companies involving contracts. Those work can be done remotely or on-site as per the client’s requirements.

To find these jobs you have to sign up using freelance jobs platforms such as Optymize and Upwork and browse through jobs and apply for the same. Once the client approves your bid, you will be able to perform the tasks after both parties agree on the contract.

After you’re done with your project you will get payments based on the mentioned rate in the contract. It can be fixed or may vary based on the projects and the client’s requirements.

Best Platforms to Find Freelance Jobs


Optymize is an emerging startup that has a network of remote freelancers. These networks of freelancers consist of software developers focusing on the emerging tech space such as blockchain, metaverse, NFT, Cybersecurity, Data Science, DeFi, Machine Learning etc. Optymize has a unique way of integrating freelancers to their network. They evaluate each freelancer in different tests such as technical tests, psychometric tests, online interview, video resume, coding challenges, live project implementation etc.

The best benefits of Optymize are:

  • It’s 100% work from home.
  • They have a 24×7 support team for each freelancer.
  • The payments are always better.
  • You can choose the projects you like
  • They provide upskilling session with industry-leading figures


Upwork is a freelance jobs platform that focuses on connecting clients with talented and skilled independent workers remotely from all over the globe. Based on your speciality and needs, Upwork has jobs from all over the world waiting to be picked up by a freelancer like you.

As a freelancer, you have to create a profile on Upwork. You can also attach an introduction video that will highlight your abilities, personality, and experience. After that browse and find your dream freelance jobs by responding to freelancer jobs posts or wait for your future client to find you.

Everything has two sides so likewise, Upwork also has benefits as well as drawbacks. Benefits of using Upwork –

  • The clients are reputable
  • Competitive payments
  • Payment protection features for both freelancers and clients
  • Various payment methods such as PayPal

In a report by, in 2020, Upwork generated over $373 million in revenue.


Toptal onboards and works with a wide range of highly qualified and talented freelancers and assists them in finding the best freelance jobs. This platform prioritizes software development, project management, business consultation etc. making it a reputed place for professionals.

One of the important facts about Toptal is that it has a five-step screening procedure during which your skills, talents and quality will be measured. They will select you if only their criteria for the greatest freelancer professional match your screening result.


Fiverr is another such freelance job platform. The platform is making it simple for freelancers to connect with clients who are interested in their skills. On Fiverr, you will find a wide range of project listings writing to video production and app design and many more.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site and one of the most recognised career resources available for today’s generation. You can create a profile on the platform just like Facebook and highlight your experience, education, job history, previous projects or experiences, and personal talents. Many businesses nowadays use LinkedIn to look for new talents to be integrated into their teams.

On LinkedIn, you will find various freelance jobs, ranging from copywriting to high earning jobs such as Data Scientist.


Guru is another such freelancer jobs platform that works with freelancers all over the world specializing in programming, graphic design, and project management.

As a freelancer, you will be able to easily build your profile, market your abilities, browse job postings, and send bids to potential clients using the platform. Job prospects that match your work experience, talents, and preferences will be suggested by the service. You may apply for both long-term and short-term assignments. is an exclusive platform dedicated solely to all the freelancers out there. This platform features jobs such as web developers, social media gurus, and marketing specialists.

Along with freelance jobs, this site hosts contests for things like design, and coding, which may help freelancers earn additional money, expand their portfolios, and establish a great reputation.


Behance is a combination of a job board and a social media platform dedicated to creativity. If you are professional artists, photographers, animators, or digital designers then you may develop portfolios and share them with a larger audience through combined social media. The website assists top creative persons in being noticed by clients all around the world.

You may follow other professionals in the same manner that you would on a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram. The more posts that appear in your feed, the more likely you are to find a fantastic business opportunity.

AngelList Talent

AngelList Talent matches freelancers with startup company openings. Working for a startup allows freelancers to have a greater influence than they would if they worked for a larger corporation.

It’s easy to apply for jobs with AngelList Talent. With only one application, you may apply to thousands of growing and rising startups. You may also build a profile on the site to highlight your qualifications and wait for fresh employers to contact you.

5 Easiest Freelance Jobs

If you are new to the field of freelancer, then the first thing you must do is filter out your top skills. As human beings, we all have something special in us. If you believe that something can be used to turn your career towards freelancing then you must do it.

Every job needs skills. But most confuse skills with knowledge. For example, in games, all crucial information is known to managers. But due to their lack of skills they manage a team of skilled players on the field to beat opponents.

We need certain skills to be fit for these 5 jobs mentioned below. If you think your skills can be used for the better part of your career then sit tight and read about the jobs.

Social Media Manager

Are you a social person? Do you love interacting with people every day and sharing something and learning something in return? Then you must be willing enough to take those skills of yours into the virtual world.

We all spend ample amounts of time on social media without realizing that it could be a way to earn money.

In this virtual era, all companies mostly rely on social media sites to increase their viewership as well as customer base. To do that, these brands need to create content and post them on social media regularly.

You can be that freelancer, who has that zeal for working with different brands, creating content, managing social accounts and earning money.

As a freelance social media manager, you will be able to earn $8-$15 per hour. With skills, earning as little as $8 is a kind of blessing. Now imagine if you unlocked your full potential as you gain experience.

Virtual Assistant

If you have great organizational skills and loads of free time, then you are welcome to try and be a Virtual Assistant.

Business owners always remain overwhelmingly busy. They need a reliable person who can organize their administrative tasks. and assist them with simple tasks such as replying to emails, scheduling meetings, organizing travel plans, and managing social media.

A virtual assistant is an alternative to an in-person assistant. This means in this freelance job as a virtual assistant, you will have to work on administrative tasks and assist them with simple tasks such as replying to emails, scheduling meetings, organizing travel plans, and managing social media.

You can use any of the mentioned platforms and begin to look for the perfect freelance job.

Did you know? In 2018, Sweden published a report on freelancer jobs and 58 per cent of freelancers prefer to continue working independently and find more clients over finding a full-time salaried position. Numbers don’t lie. And these numbers are for one country only. Imagine the number of freelancers in 195 countries in the world.

In the world of freelance jobs, a virtual assistant takes home around $30-$60 per hour.

Data Entry Specialist

If you are a creative person then please move on to the next freelance job. Because data entry is a job with repetitive tasks but needs attention to detail. Most of the time it is just mindless copy-pasting from one format (Doc, PDF) to another (Spreadsheet, Software Databases).

You can begin your journey by searching for freelance jobs on sites such as Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. They are good starter places. Sign up on them and set a job notification alert for data entry specialists.

As a data entry specialist, you will take around $40,000 every year. This freelance job is a good fit if you like to work alone.


If you are a grammar nazi (of course in a constructive way) and have eagle eyes for the minutest of details then this freelance job is definitely for you.

As a proofreader, you will make the writings more elegant by correcting grammar and spelling. You will have to make sure the document is in better shape before it reaches the publishing house. In a sense, a proofreader is another set of eyes for every publisher.

In this freelance job, the average pay is around $15-$40 per hour. You will need good communication and customer service skills to start your career with this freelance job.

Web Researcher

Are you a little curious about global events? Do you love looking at fascinating stuff online and trying to keep a note of them? Then you are kind of a researcher.

A good researcher can find information that can act as an asset for the company. Your sole duty is to present information understandably. You will spend most of the time behind a screen looking for reliable sources online and using the researched information.

Highest paid Freelancer jobs 

Content Writer

In the online world of reviews, research is the best weapon for every content writer before putting out their work for the audience. As a content writer, you would be performing duties such as writing, editing, publishing, and maintaining monthly calendars.

But as a freelancer, you can either choose to work on projects or long term contracts. You will produce creative content such as blog posts, articles, white papers, newsletters, eBooks, webinar scripts, email copies, product descriptions, and social media posts.

You should try to develop organizational and good time management skills for the long run. Try to get familiar with software that can help you with writing and writing environments. Software such as Google Workspace, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Joomla, Drupal etc.

The average hourly pay for freelance content writers is around 450 to 500 rupees.

If you have special skills such as copywriting, and editing then you can earn even extra. Some of the common and high paying skills of a content writer and the respective salary are:

  • Copywriting: ₹500
  • Editing: ₹480
  • Proofreading: ₹450
  • Blogging: ₹300

Digital Marketing

Did you ever search Digital MArketing on google? If you did then you must be familiar with the terms such as SEO, SMM, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising, lead generation, etc.

Digital marketing is a field that provides wide scope for people with a laptop and conversational skills. Digital marketing provides many freelancing job opportunities such as content strategist, SEO & SEM specialist, UX designer, email marketing specialist, and social media marketer.

You can enrol yourself in a certification course which will help you in gaining clients.

As a freelance Digital Marketer, you will be able to earn ₹6-9 lakhs per year.

Graphic Designer

It is a very creative job that involves the art of visual communication. What do you see when you look at the logo of a company? You see colour, patterns, images, texts, etc.

As a graphic designer, you will use carefully selected images, colours, or words to portray an idea to a specific audience. You will create eye-catching and high-quality visual designs by blending the knowledge and technology you have.

To succeed, you must feel excited about design. Attention to detail and communication skills are also must. Along with it, you should be proficient with Adobe Creative Cloud and other such workspaces.

At the end of the year, in this freelance job, you will be able to earn up to ₹6 lakhs.

Web Developer

Web developers design and create websites and focus on their user experience and functionality. Anyone whose background is in software development can choose this freelance job.

In this freelance job, you will meet clients and discuss the functionality of the website and the improvements needed for it.

To solve these queries, as a freelancer, you must be proficient with programming languages such as Java, PHP, and MySQL. You will have to write using these programming languages and meet the client’s request.

As a freelance web developer, you will use your skills and develop back-end APIs, incorporating agile methodology. Solve data structures & algorithms queries, improve application security using cryptography, etc.

Web development is a highly demanding job nowadays. In this competitive world, you will earn up to ₹8 lakhs if you have solid skills.


Everything on the internet involves programming. From a simple web page to complex blockchain problems, programmers are saving the day.

A programmer has many specialized skills such as software development, computer networking, cryptography, and data structures & algorithms.

A programmer is proficient with many popular programming languages such as Java, Python, C, Ruby etc.

As a programmer, you will earn up to ₹8-10 lakhs per year.

Top Reasons for Shifting Towards Freelancing

The Statista Research Department released a report on a freelancing survey in the USA. According to the 2020 survey, 71% of USA freelancers stated that they shifted towards freelancing to have a flexible schedule.

Other notables reasons mentioned in that report are:

  • To be their boss
  • To be in control of financial matters
  • To work from the preferred location of their choice
  • To pursue meaningful and passionate freelance jobs
  • To spend time with family

Statistic: Leading reasons for doing freelance work in the United States in 2020 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


According to a survey, 50% of the Gen Z respondents aged from 18-22 years reported they are in a freelance career looking and participating in freelance jobs. On the other hand, 44% of Millennials, or those between the age group of 23-38 years, participated in freelance work.

The projected gross volume of the gig economy is expected to reach $455.2 billion by 2023.

Freelancing is an industry with very rich growth. If you understand your skills well and are looking for ways to make them work and earn from it then the easiest way is to present yourself to the clients.

As long as you provide results with your job, you will keep on receiving better clients. And that is one of the fundamental principles of freelancing.



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