Current and Future Trends in React js Jobs

Current and future Trends in React js jobs


It is a misnomer to classify any roles as React js jobs as its applications are relatively narrow. Very rarely is a language overshadowed by its library, discounting extensions as they do not count as libraries. JavaScript is still relatively common but it can hardly be considered popular among developers due to its reputed untidiness. React by comparison is relatively cleaner as its limited application to just the front end has ensured a lack of bloat, instead replacing it with collaborations with other languages.

This has resulted in a skyrocketing popularity among its alternatives and in the future, add-ons, extensions and further libraries are to be expected. So, developers searching for react js jobs should be aware of the basics and any companies looking for web developers should be able to judge applicants fairly on their skills and experiences.

Relation of React js with other Languages and Libraries

React js has the ability to work with other JS libraries as their own focus is on UI. It is not limited to just JS libraries as even Python or other frameworks such as Django can be integrated with React js. This has allowed it to ingratiate itself into some of the world’s most popular applications. Whether it is Social networks like facebook or video platforms like Netflix, React js jobs exist for all of them. Other than the JS library, other softwares also possesses the title of React. These include React DOM which is used in web application development and React Native in mobile app development. The relation between React JS and React DOM is that the former is a JS library whereas the latter is a complimentary library to React JS to allow it to interact with DOM browsers. Similarly, React Native is a mobile framework that allows for building mobile applications in JS, while allowing the usage of ReactJS to build reusable components and communicate with native components.

Roles for React js Jobs

It has been previously stated before that React js has a very narrow field of application, thereby narrowing the job opportunities. However, the context is that the same is true for many other software. Developers nowadays cannot depend on a single language as they have to depend on multiple tools for any role. This is where React has an advantage, as it allows for ingratiating with other softwares, thereby giving people searching for React js jobs a much more varied field of search. These include:

  • 1. Full Stack Developer

  • This term is used to refer to a developer who can work on both the front and back end of a website. Generally, they are more experienced than developers who work on only one end. However, as their role is to work on both sides, there are also additional responsibilities regarding integration and solving problems regarding compatibility. While not an obvious option, if a freelancer or any other applicant possesses enough experience, these can classify as React js jobs.

  • 2. Front End Developer

  • In the front end development role, developers work on the aspect of the visible part of the website. These include the GUI and menus, text, videos, etc. React js is involved specifically with the UI though it can also be used with other libraries to work on other aspects. If a developer intends to work in React js jobs focusing on the front end, they should also possess knowledge of other front-end tools such as CSS and HTML.

  • 3. Back End Developer

  • Back end development jobs aren’t usually associated with React js qualifications.However, there are specific tools designed to allow React js to work with back end development, thanks to React js’ ability to integrate other tools. The various tools offered for back end are covered later on. So, for developers looking for React js jobs in the back end, they should also possess ability or experience in any one of the tools.

  • 4. Mobile App Developer

  • Through React Native, developers can use React js to develop applications for mobile devices. Some of the different applications include the view layer, UI components and essentially implement React js under the cover. Essentially, React Native in collaboration with React js allows for React js jobs.

Basic Requirements for Back-end Remote React js Jobs

Unlike front-end, back-end wasn’t initially meant as the area of application for React js. So, additional tools exist to allow for React js to work in the back end. These include:

  • 1. Ruby on Rails

  • A common web application framework that is often utilized in the back-end, it is often shortened to Rails. Developers of Rails are quite common and so applicants for React js jobs who are also qualified in Rails can serve in full stack developmental roles. Outside of that, Rails can be integrated to Rails by using the react-rails gem, the react-on-rails gem or by using Rails API.

  • 2. Django

  • A popular python framework, it can be implemented to allow for React backend usage however, there must be a separation between the operation of the front and back-end libraries. In order to connect django with React, in the back-end, the developer will have to create an API using the API and in the front-end React will be used to consume the API made. So, it serves a similar role for React js jobs as Rails above.

  • 3. Node js

  • While building projects are possible without Node js, it would increase in difficulty. This is because they are used to download React js libraries using npm. As such, for ease of development, using Node js for back end purposes is advisable. Other possible uses for it other than downloading react libraries include creating production bundles via. webpack and creating web servers during production.

  • 4. Back4App 

  • It is a paid for service that allows for completing React js projects by serving as the backend. The link for the website is : Other features that they provide include blockchain, relational database schema, automated GraphQL and REST API generation, Cross Platform SDKs, etc.

  • 5. Express JS

  • A comparatively minimal option, Express js is a backend web application framework that can also double in function in the server side of React js jobs.

  • 6. Firebase

  • Similar to the second option presented above, it is an easy option for a React backend for developers. A google product, its other features that they provide include extensions such as BigQuery and Algolia and integrations with other google apps. Some of their clients include The New York Times to gameloft. So, for applicants looking for React js jobs might expect to work with this or similar systems.

  • 7. Heroku

  • Heroku is another option for a backend, to act on the server-side of React js applications. Serving as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), it also supports other languages including Ruby, Java and Python. Other features of the platform include add-ons like MongoDB and Papertrail, GitHub integration and Heroku Redis.

Salary for React js jobs

There is a great variation in the salary for React js jobs. This can be attributed due to geographical factors, roles and responsibilities with varying react js jobs, and due to the fact that jobs aren’t directly classified as react js jobs directly but rather as front-end or full stack developer with additional qualifications including react js.

For India however, the expected average annual salary for React js jobs is ₹ 4.5 LPA.

At a monthly level, the salary varies as follows:
At minimum: ~₹33500 per month
At maximum: ~₹35000 per month

For the US however, the expected average annual salary for React js jobs is $ 120 KPA.

At a monthly level, the salary varies as follows:
At minimum: ~$8125 per month
At maximum: ~$12500 per month

As presented above, there is a great disparity in the salary between the two countries for essentially the same role. Other than the previous mentioned reasons, the general availability of professionals, either as full-time or freelancers can affect salaries offered. However, at an individual level, the greater factors to consider for any applicant, freelancer or full-time employee are their additional skills and experience that they possess. That has been discussed in other sections of the article for React js jobs.

Common interview points to cover with applicants for React js jobs

Some of the technical points to cover with applicants include:

  • Higher order functions and components: Higher order components (HOCs) is inspired by the similarly named function in JavaScript. It is a reusing mechanism that takes a component as an argument and returns an argument as an output. This is one of the most important means of reusing logic and avoiding redundancy. So any hopeful applicants for react js jobs must be knowledgeable in their working and similarly, any interviewers for react js jobs must not fail to ascertain an applicant’s competency in this.
  • Hooks in React js: Hooks is a relatively new feature of React but it is thankfully backwards compatible with previous versions. It allows the usage of various react functions without writing a class. In other words, if a function component needs to have a state added to it, then conversion to a class will now be unnecessary. This is useful for companies and employers looking for competent developers for React js jobs as it allows for an idea about an applicant’s up to dateness regarding the subject matter and as such, it is relatively popular as an interview topic.
  • Event loop, queue and stack: This is more closely related to the internal working of react js. So while it might not be necessary for judging the working knowledge of applicants for React js jobs, it might be a useful field to consider if the role requires specialization.
  • Let, Const and Var: These are common keywords in react js. SO, for any applicant to React js jobs, they should expect questions about this to judge their basic competency.
  • Features of ES6: While ES6 was created to standardize JavaScript, it also included a variety of features to React as well, So, similar to Hooks above, it is an useful topic to judge an applicant’s up to dateness regarding React if they are applying for React js jobs.
  • Spread operator: A common operator in React js.
  • React store
  • Context API in React
  • Redux workflow
  • Bundling and code splitting: Bundling a code involves merging imported files into a single file. This allows for loading an app into a website in its entirety. In contrast, code splitting involves splitting such a bundle. This is necessary when the bundle grows too large and starts to cause the app to lag. So, they are a crucial aspect of app development and any applicant for React js jobs must possess familiarity with them.
  • Lazy Loading
  • Error handling in React js

Some, of the general points to cover with applicants include:

  • 1. Motivation of applicants seeking React js jobs.
  • 2. Previous experience in React js jobs (includes projects).
  • 3. What is your previous experience regarding remote React js jobs?
  • 4. What technical knowledge do you possess in order to qualify for remote React js jobs (includes software)?
  • 5. Describe your means of staying focused while in remote React js jobs?
  • 6. State some of your likes and dislikes in regards to remote React js jobs?
  • 7. What is your preference between working from the office or remotely?
  • 8. Do you have any questions?
  • 9. Outside of technical and personal questions, many interviews often include a coding section, presenting applicants with coding related problems that will be used to judge their understanding of the basics and/or problems that they are likely to face in their React js jobs.

Tips while Searching for remote React js Jobs and Employees

.For any aspiring developer searching for react js jobs, there are some tips to consider in finding the right role. These include:

  • 1. Search and filter your exact role. As jobs in listings are generally not labeled as React js jobs or anything similar. As such, filtering must be done indirectly through filtering for front-end, full stack and mobile app developer roles which also possess React js knowledge in their requirements for the role.
  • 2. Social and communication skills are the second most important thing after technical knowledge. For experienced developers who have already held roles in React js jobs, it might be first, because they possess more than enough skills to technically qualify but are unable to present it in a clear manner in their CVs to be selected. This is a surprisingly recurrent problem as HR personnel involved in hiring often do not possess the necessary technical knowledge to accurately judge the value of qualifications in poorly formatted CVs, often resulting in them being rejected. Even among technically minded interviewers, there is often an issue that developers aren’t unable to state their qualifications and experience succinctly, especially if they are from an ESL background. So, just being able to sell your credentials is an important step.
  • 3. Outside of React, developers looking for React js jobs must also try to possess additional skills to qualify for a role. This is due to the previously mentioned first point regarding job qualifications. If you’re a front-end developer, you’re essentially expected to have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and even if listings provide React js jobs, you should at least possess a working knowledge in related softwares. Otherwise, someone who actually possesses the same knowledge would be considered for the role.
  • 4. Possession of additional skills outside of the posted job would also be helpful. This is because the flexibility of React js allows for its usage in multiple roles. So, flexibility among developers in React js jobs is advisable.
  • 5. After finding a listed job that matches your qualifications, requirements and applying for the role, it is advisable to research the role. This should ensure that you are not blindsided in the role. This isn’t limited to just React js jobs, but in jobs in general.

However, for companies and employers searching for people for their React js jobs, there are some tips to follow:

  • Ability with JavaScript is a crucial factor. Being a source for the JS library, it is essential for developers to possess skills in features, syntax, and operations. This is to ensure that any developer hired possessed a strong base.
  • React js knowledge isn’t enough as described in the previous section. So, employers should search for developers who possess experience in relevant, related skills. For instance, in back end work, Rails knowledge would be helpful alongside knowledge of React.
  • Development also involves testing of any produced software. The types of testing involved in testing of React components include Unit testing, end-to-end testing and integration testing. So, experience in testing is a good selling point for finding developers.
  • There are additional tools associated with React which perform actions ranging from handling dependencies to optimization. The most common ones are: Webpack that acts as a bundler for combining application resources in a single file, Npm a cloud storage that allows for downloading and installation of software packages and arn that optimizes npm’s workflows.


React js is one of the few things that can be considered a near sure bet. While it was previously discussed in the introduction, from the other sections, we can similarly infer the reasons for the popularity of React js jobs. Outside of just technical details regarding tips for seeking employment and judging employees, the article also emphasized on its compatibility and adaptability with other softwares. So, it has been pointed out repeatedly that those who seek React js jobs must also possess expertise in a few more areas. Whether it is about the right tools for back end work, or tips to improve their chances in hiring, this article has something for every developer searching for React js jobs. Similarly for the companies and employers hiring for the same React js jobs, this article covers relevant topics in regards to technical points to cover in the interview and salaries that are expected.



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