ReactJS Developers Hourly Rate

ReactJS Developers Hourly Rate ​


In today’s world a single second delay in your precious application can impact customer views, conversion rates, and the size of your customer’s shopping cart. In turn, it can adversely affect your business. 

The only solution is to build a solid front-end and should be your top priority while building your application

Popular front-end JavaScript library React.js is used to create user interfaces with a focus on performance (UI). A React.js developer can assist you in creating the front-end for your company, whether you’re wanting to leverage server-side rendering (SSR) to speed up those early page loads or you simply want a strong UI that offers a satisfying user experience.

So, how much is the hourly rate for ReactJS developers? The price will depend on the expertise level you require, and the overall scope of your project.

However, not every small company or startup can afford such demand, which is why we have compiled a list of information on the hourly rates of ReactJS developers based on different locations. So look through the table to find the option that best suits your budget.

Average Hourly Rates of ReactJS Developers in different countries -

Country Average Hourly Rate
US $60
Canada $58
UK $38
Netherlands $21
Spain $32
France $40
Ukraine $16
India $8

Average yearly salary of reactJS developer for a year around the world

Country Average Yearly Salary of ReactJS Developers
United States $118 000
Canada $100 000
United Kingdom $80 500
The Netherlands $66 500
Spain $63 500
France $58 500
Ukraine $42 000
India $12 500

Summing up

The ReactJS developer costs around $60 per hour in the US, $38 in the UK, $21 in Netehrlands, with the lowest being in India with a rate of just $8 per hour.

Although we have attempted to provide information as close to the actual rates as possible, they are subject to change depending on your hiring requirements, whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance AI developer.

If you have everything like a project brief, a clear portfolio of your desired React.js developer, and a strong scope of your project then you can easily calculate the cost of hiring a freelance React.js developer.


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