Why Outsource PHP Development in 2022

Why Outsource PHP Development in 2022 | Optymize


From Tesla to Wikipedia, many have used PHP to configure their solutions and provide ease of use to their clients. These tech giants have touched greater heights by adapting to outsource PHP development. Thus, making PHP one of the most popular programming languages for creating enterprise-level solutions.

PHP powers more than 80% of the websites on the Internet. It is regarded as an agile language for creating reliable solutions. The combination of PHP and outsourcing promises to deliver quality development at a faster rate.

Outsourcing helps many tech giants in different ways. It can also be useful to startups and small organizations because many outsourcing platforms offer budget-oriented product development that is cost-effective as well as productive.

If you are interested and want to outsource PHP development in 2022, then this article is for you. Here, we cover some of the essential points, such as why outsource PHP development in 2022, how to do it, and much more. So read all the way through and learn the essentials of PHP outsourcing.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the strategy of handing over projects to an organization. That organization is responsible for building and managing the development phases of software solutions as per the client’s requirements within the assigned deadline.

Outsourcing has been in the market for years and has evolved to provide clients with cost-effective and reliable solutions. Many IT giants outsource PHP development and other development practices to get their solutions ready at a faster rate.

Quick Stats on Outsourcing

  1. According to research data, global outsourcing services reached a milestone of $90+ billion in 2019 as compared to 2018 with a jump of 8%.
  2. More than 37% of small businesses rely on outsourcing to build their products.
  3. 60% of businesses that have previously outsourced production plan to increase their outsourcing.
  4. Over 60% of companies use outsourcing to cut down on costs.
  5. 14+ million jobs are outsourced from the US.

What is PHP?

PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language. It is mostly used by software developers for web development. It was the first server-side language that could be implemented or embedded into HTML to add various features and functionalities to web pages, which meant there was no need to call external files to add extra capabilities.

Almost 70% of websites on the internet are built using PHP. Regardless of criticism that PHP is losing its grip in the market, it continues to contribute to the internet and IT industry consistently and provides effective web solutions to clients as well as users.

With this huge application on the internet, clients are interested in developing PHP websites to get traction among international audiences, as a result, they tend to outsource PHP development.

Why Should You Outsource Your PHP Development Projects?

The answer to the question is that it puts a lot on the table.

You may have the best in-house team to work on your project and deliver it within the deadline, but many, even with the best in-house team, consider outsourcing PHP development. And we don’t blame them, as outsourcing promises numerous benefits that an in-house team cannot provide.

     1. Best Pool of Talent

  • No doubt, your in-house team is capable of managing and completing complex tasks within deadlines. But these in-house talents change their companies within 2 years to get better opportunities, which leaves you with their juniors and other handfuls of skilled developers. Because these juniors certainly don’t have enough experience in handling crucial tasks or critical system failures, you can’t possibly assign them to perform crucial operations.

  • On the contrary, outsourced teams are skilled professionals with years of experience in their domain and who are capable of performing crucial tasks. Having served plenty of tech giants with their PHP development skills, they can be tasked to perform complex projects and, since the world consists of top developers, you will get a chance to collaborate with them and have the experience of building your product differently. For this reason, opting to outsource PHP development would be a wise decision.

      2. Budget Oriented Development

  • Budget is something every IT company thinks about before they plan the execution of any software solution. Budget planning is essential to estimate the amount needed to develop a particular solution, and for this reason, sometimes the budget shapes and decides the fate of the project.

  • Having said that, when you outsource PHP development, the cost goes down because of the difference between the cost of living in your region and the region where the development is taking place. For example, if you outsource PHP development to India, which is a 3rd-world country with an economy lower than that of 1st-world countries, such as the US, then the development cost decreases drastically.

  • Hence, if you are a startup founder or a small business owner who wants to outsource PHP development, then it can turn out to be a golden opportunity for you, as both run on a tight budget with a similar goal of increasing brand awareness.

      3. 24*7 Support

  • One of the prime benefits you get when you outsource PHP development is that you are offered round-the-clock support facilities. Support is crucial when you rely on an external vendor to develop your solution.

  • For example, if you have any doubts regarding the development cycle or other development phases, how would you connect with the team? This is where support action comes in handy. Moreover, as these outsourcing agencies promise to provide full support facilities round the clock, you will certainly feel secure and even contact them if any problems arise.

      4. Faster Operations

  • When you outsource PHP development to an outsourcing company, the production tends to move much faster as compared to your in-house production. Sure, the PHP web application does require time to plan, but unlike the in-house team, which is constantly bugged to look at other tasks other than the project, the outsource PHP development team stays focused on one project. For this reason, they tend to move quickly with product execution.

     5. High Scalability and Seamless Integration 

  • If you want to scale your PHP development, then outsourcing might be the ideal choice, as it allows you to easily scale and integrate your in-house operations with an outsourced development team. This gives you an edge in building software solutions at a much faster rate, putting you ahead of your competitors and polishing your reputation in the market.

Measuring the Downsides of Outsourcing

When you outsource PHP development, it involves depending on an organization that will be responsible for building and managing your product at each phase.

One might put criticism on the trust factor, and we don’t blame them as it does involve some risks, but are they crucial? Below, we have mentioned some of the risks that might make you think twice before you outsource your PHP development.

     1. Change in the Project Direction

  • As the project is handed over to an organization far from your company’s headquarters, chances are they might envision the project differently, which might direct or shape your product exactly opposite to your vision.

  • But in this modern age, everyone wants to build their reputation by impressing clients with their reliable and faster operations. And there is no chance they will sacrifice clients by making such mistakes, so the claim is true, but it can easily be resolved by constant communication.

      2. Quality Compromises

  • Another risk factor is product quality. When you are about to outsource PHP application development to an outsourcing agency, you cannot predict how the company produces and what development procedures it uses to make your product robust.

  • Indeed, it’s hard to determine whether the company stays true to its words. If a client chooses the wrong outsourced PHP development services, then chances are they might end up getting poor-quality products.

  • A piece of advice to organizations while they outsource their PHP development would be to check out the client reviews, feedback, and rating of the outsourcing agency. You can even contact those clients to understand how the agency helped them in developing their solutions.

     3. Loss of Control Over Product Development

  • Since you outsource PHP development to an outsourcing agency, you are bound to lose control over the development procedures. because the agency will be managing and resolving any problems arising in the process.

  • This might be an advantage as well as a disadvantage to many, as some might prefer to have at least some control over the development cycle. On the other hand, some might prefer not to be involved and get the product made within the deadline.

      4. Communication Barriers

  • Certainly, if you outsource PHP development to an agency, you are bound to face issues while communicating. It may be because of a poor connection or even the weather conditions. Some even say that those agencies do not have proficient English-speaking developers that can communicate with fluency.

  • This is a false statement. As most of the corporate world speaks English, you won’t have a problem communicating with developers. So communication barriers might happen because of poor connection or harsh weather conditions, but never because of the soft skills of the developers.

How to Outsource PHP Development Companies

1. Use Internet Effectively

Now that you want to outsource PHP development, you can use the internet to find potential outsourcing agencies. You can even get some references from your partner companies and other business entities to find the right outsourcing firm.

2. Make A List

Moving ahead, once you find the firms to outsource PHP development, make a list. Write down their customer reviews and feedback, and ratings, furthermore, ask their client how was their experience with that particular outsourcing company to get deep insights into their service.

3. Know Their Services and Support Facility

The most important parameters you should focus on while you outsource PHP development are their services and support facilities. This is to ensure that your product stays agile and if it runs into any trouble, you will get some support to resolve issues.

When you choose an outsourcing agency, know how they operate and consider asking the following questions.

  • i) The time to find an optimal team.
  • ii) How do they find developers?
  • iii) Any hidden fees or costs.
  • iv) How do they proceed with contracts?
  • v) How do they manage and monitor a PHP project?
  • vi) What are the QA practices they conduct?

4. Pick the Best Outsourcing Agency

Now that you have understood what companies offer similar product development services to yours, pick one that suits your needs with the help of the above points such as reviews, feedback, services, and support to ensure your product development goes to the right firm and outsource PHP development.

An outsourcing firm should always put client satisfaction as their priority, and that’s why we, at Optymize, are devoted to providing clients with a pre-vetted elite team of developers to scale their development practices in no time and get seamless integration to outperform their competitors.

Optymize is the ideal destination to outsource PHP development and scale your team within 48 hours. We provide 24*7 support to our clients to get their queries resolved and push development to the next level.


Outsourcing has helped many tech giants and startups achieve greater heights, and hence, there is no doubt it will keep on pushing the IT industry to the next level by adapting to new technologies. With over 70% of websites being operational using PHP, it has become one of the most widely used web development programming languages. The combined efforts of the two will boost any organization’s development practices to the next level. Hence, it’s a wise decision to outsource your PHP development.



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