Is Remote Work a Blessing or a Burden: Pros and Cons of Working Remotely


Imagine: Your couch becomes your office chair. Just the length of your hallway becomes your daily commute. And, your snacks box is your entire pantry. Feels like a dream, isn’t it? Well, not these days when we all are learning to live with the coronavirus. Terms like remote working, digital nomads, and home offices are trending on the internet recently. And one amongst them is working from home.

This pandemic has delivered with it many structural changes within the companies worldwide that have currently become the era of modern tradition of so-called working from home and can, however, keep for an extended amount. The quality lies in a number of its inherent blessings for each employer and worker. Thanks to AI-led growth technology that has saved many organizations from closing down in this era of data technology, it’s currently attainable to perform tasks remotely that wasn’t attainable before.

Presently except for cost-cutting, the bunk in circulation within the company world is for growth and improvement. This made up the means for the adoption of hybrid culture that could comprise a mixture of onsite operating and remote operating. Although working from your couch sounds great, yet like everything else, it becomes essential to understand the pros and cons so you can maximise your arrangement in the best possible way.

Pros of operating from home

A few blessings of acting from home for employees and their organizations are mentioned below:

Better work-life balance

Professionals who are working from home are prepared to perform their duties and conjointly ready to take care of their families whereas progressing to domestic chores. They’re simply ready to spend some quality time with family, pay attention to their personal life, and at the same time ready to perform their official duties while not moving the productivity of the task. This is one in every one of the necessary edges of functioning from home. It was conjointly unconcealed that work-life balance is one of the many blessings of acting from home.

Improved work potency

Many organizations have started victimizing numerous computing tools. Such tools facilitate maintaining a track of their remote hand’s groups and supply them with the precise level of management they are accustomed to when they were operating within the workplace.

Tools like the worker watching the software package facilitate keeping a tab of the remote employee and in watching their every activity throughout operating hours. Then some tools for workers help in trailing the attending of each employee whether or not they are operating onsite or offsite.

With the assistance of this tool, organizations can also track the tasks their employees are performing, and how much time they are seizing to perform the selected task. Due to this, the remote employees achieve the texture as if they’re operating on-site which will increase their motivation level and develop severe engagement with their peers and colleagues.

Even if they’re acting from a foreign location, through numerous virtual meeting tools, they will feel as if they’re in a region of the organization. It was discovered that employees with a versatile mode of operating have a senior level of job satisfaction and commitment.

Remote worker training

Assessing specific desires for training and development of remote employees has become an enormous challenge for most organizations. Before providing such specialized training, the remote employee should be monitored accurately.
To support them improves their performance. Organizations have started victimizing numerous worker training software packages through which such coaching is provided. It promotes the remote employees in shrouding their areas of improvement.

Besides addressing the training issues for present staff, on boarding the most recent recruits are of utmost importance. Such online coaching assists them to become operational from day one post completion of training and aids them in developing overall information of what’s expected from them.

Remote worker well-being

It is true that since the start of the pandemic, the abrupt shift within the mode of acting from onsite to offsite has been disagreeable for heaps of individuals. Whereas operating onsite, they are accustomed to having regular physical interactions with their peers and colleagues that are accustomed to keep them engaged and energized.
But with off-site operating, everything is modified in their mode of interaction.

To cater to the well-being of remote employees, organizations have started conducting numerous virtual data sessions and social events to keep them engaged and energized. With the assistance of such events, the staff is organized to catch up with one another and to grasp the recent hires.

The management has conjointly started conducting numerous events and workshops on mental state wherever they supply some stress-relieving techniques to the remote hands. Such techniques facilitate them in dominating and addressing their stress and conjointly enhance their physical well-being.

Effective remote collaboration

With remote operating, comes communication and collaboration problems. Organizations have started victimizing numerous remote collaboration tools to own a quick and versatile communication platform for all employees.
Such tools yield a fundamental mode of communication between the employees on one platform with no miscommunication.

Such tools aren’t solely employed for communication, however conjointly for sharing files or any knowledge. By adopting such tools, organizations are currently ready to communicate effectively across completely different geographical locations. All by keeping the information and knowledge secured in cloud storage.

Dealing with knowledge security

Cybersecurity specialists take into account remote employees as a threat as they’re withdrawn from mortal sight. For organizations, this is frequently a daunting challenge in police investigating suspicious activities. This is often wherever an AI software package plays a task. Organizations start adopting numerous tools which permit them to watch their remote hands and to require action if any suspicious activity is detected.

These tools enable organizations in increasing the productivity of their remote employees however conjointly in initiating prompt actions towards people who appear suspicious. Tools like user image records enable the worker’s image to be captured from the system’s digital camera to seem out for impersonators. Screenshots of the employee’s screen and their pictures through digital cameras enable characteristic uncommon behaviour as they record each activity of the worker throughout their operating hours.

Cons of Operating From Home

Lack of Community and Cooperation

Society is something that precedes the individual. Therefore it’s evident that man strives once encircled. During this case, the associate workers will provide their best efforts to their company if they’re around their work colleagues.

Some folks just like the plan of operating solely, with no workplace distractions, and may live with no face-to-face interactions.


– Organize face-to-face interactions via zoom meets, video calls, etc.
– Set deadlines for team goals.
– Establish remote geographic point norms.

Lack of Labour Potency
It typically happens that with the scarcity of every day traveling to the geographic point, a foreign worker’s productivity of the tasks gets affected. However, thanks to working from home, that routine has become non-continuous.

Nevertheless, since the implementation of working from home, it’s not equivalent that a worker’s productivity will be the same as that of when he was operating in his office.


– Set a schedule. Once engaging from home it’s simple to induce relaxation.
– Maintain your remote geographic point hygiene.
– Don’t let your friends drop in while you’re operating.

Prioritizing work to associate

You need to be an associate professional at time management for observing workers’ productivity.
Every person in the associate workplace encompasses a downside with abundance to their schedule and obtaining the work done. And, it’s particularly difficult for remote and versatile staff and has free-form days.


– Limit the number of tasks you intend on doing day by day.
– Install distraction-limiting tools like freedom, serene, cold turkey blocker, etc.
– Manage your energy, not some time.

Isolation of Remote Staff
The remote staff who work from altogether diverse geographical locations would possibly feel that they’re not accepted within the organization’s culture. Because of this, the similar person reports feelings of loneliness, stress, isolation, anxiety that aren’t solely dangerous for the employee, however, also are dangerous for the organization’s productivity.


– Gravitate towards the sunshine whenever you get the time within the morning.
– Take a chance, retain a cup occasionally, or quit for a walk once daily.

Remote collaboration
This is a challenge several organizations face with their mostly distributed remote operating groups. If acting on a typical project, organizations usually have issues in understanding however their remote staff is going to be ready to collaborate on a virtual platform.

Collaborating with remote groups through either cellular phone, Skype or a zoom decision isn’t as simple because it is alleged. Collaborating with diverse staff at present is certainly a challenge several workers face; however, it’s a part of the concern for the organization to dispose of a secure environment where the productivity of the tasks doesn’t get affected.


– Create areas for online collaboration.
– Keep conferences certain and to a minimum.
– Set up communication systems for remote collaborations.

Data security risks
When it involves working from home, corporations are at enormous risk. Thanks to the short rise in remote or hybrid operating systems, cyber attackers are simply ready to produce different types of viruses inflicting a knowledge breach.

It was additionally unconcealed that concerning ninetieth of IT staff powerfully believed that remote operating isn’t secure. Remote staff is at an enormous risk of obtaining knowledge hacks than those operating onsite.


– Use encrypted communication tools

– Set up VPN

– Backup your knowledge


It is time that currently the corporates ought to perceive that besides specializing in cost-cutting, they must attempt to perceive a way to optimize their operations and remain in business. These economic conditions aren’t price-based however cost-based. Wherever to extend their profitability, value isn’t the determinant issue; however through price management and optimization of operations solely, they’re going to survive.
Remote operating has assumed tremendous importance. Thanks to its blessings that are attainable, through AI-based advances created in data technology. However, it will be associated with some of its challenges that are envisaged by each of the organizations and therefore the worker. If tackled rigorously and graciously, work from home is a win-win scenario for the leader and the worker.



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