How to Become a Successful Remote Software Developer

How to Become a Successful Remote Software Developer


Remote Software Developer

If you’re used to heading into an office day after day, beginning a new remote software developer position, whether it’s a contract assignment or a full-time career, might be a bit frightening. However, this type of work is becoming more popular, with several well-known corporations endorsing it.

Would you like to work for one of the world’s top IT firms? Do you want to collaborate with top business executives remotely?

If you answered yes, you’ll find it difficult to carve yourself a niche in the $1464.4 million-dollar remote sector. To be recruited as a remote software developer nowadays, you must cultivate specific skills and techniques in addition to your technical ability. It’s also not that difficult to be employed as a remote software developer; you simply have to put yourself in the appropriate frame of mind.

Well before the pandemic began, the IT industry began to adopt remote working solutions. According to a Buffer poll, remote work is popular – 98 percent of software company employees aspire to work remotely at some time in their careers – and here to stay.

A remote software developer likes the independence and flexibility of working when and where they choose, as well as the opportunity to be closer to family.

Software developer sector is one of the world’s most famous professional sectors today. In 2016, there were around 21 million skilled software engineers working in the sector. And, with the rise of remote work, this number has risen so dramatically that there is no firm statistic available. As a result, folks, becoming a great remote software developer isn’t easy. Aside from technical expertise, you’ll need a variety of abilities to advance remotely.

Here are a few skill sets and behavior attributes that will assist you in adopting the mindset of a successful remote software developer:

  • 1. Be Self-Sufficient and Motivated

We frequently work with clients that seek to recruit self-sufficient remote software developers at Optymize. They seek employees who will only need minimum support to execute the task at hand. This is due to the fact that businesses do not have the time to train employees or give direction at every step of the process. The whole point of employing remote software developers is that they have vast experience and are skilled and competent, allowing them to work with less supervision.

As a result, in order to advance as a remote software developer, you must be self-sufficient and capable of working alone. You must be self-motivated. The more you rely on another member of the group, the more challenging it will be to be effective at work. If you are a full-stack remote software developer, you can perform both frontend and backend on your own – if this is not feasible, you must strive to segregate your tasks.
The more time you spend with your colleagues, the further flexible you may be in splitting your job obligations.

  • 2. Receive Feedback Positively with an Open Mind 

If you are a highly skilled and experienced remote software developer, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your clients’ input. Constant feedback is critical for your job. You may understand whether your vision fulfills your clients’ objectives through feedback, or whether you are providing what your clients expect from you. Also, when receiving feedback, be open and positive. Don’t see comments as a complaint or an insult to your abilities. Simply strive to understand your clients’ concerns and share your experience with them. Create a repository with your customer where you may openly discuss things.

Follow These 3 Steps Right After you Receive Feedback:

  • Take a Little Time to Pause and Reflect
  • Truly listen to the input, strive to comprehend it, express your thoughts on it, meditate on it, stay with it, and afterwards decide if you should act on it. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity or to ask more questions to ensure that you understand.

  • Maintain Your Accountability
  • Reflecting on and noting your triumphs and issues with your boss on a regular basis allows you to learn more from events that occurred and picture what else to do going forward.

  • Pledge to Self Improvement and Professional Growth
  • Write down any questions or remarks you possess for your next interaction with your client. You’ll be able to assess your progress while also demonstrating to your client that you took their input seriously.

    • 3. Have Appropriate Tools & Strategies

    There are several tools available to make remote working easier. They efficiently facilitate collaboration and project coordination so that your job is not hampered. There are a plethora of useful software solutions available to enhance your regular development environment and assist you in overcoming the hurdles of remote software developer work. Popular technologies used by software engineers while working from home are: Slack, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, GitHub, Trello, Cisco Webex, Asana, InVision, CodePen, Google Drive, Dropbox.

    It is critical to have a good office and workstation arrangement. You can’t be productive at work if there are “rocks” on the racetrack you’re racing on.

    • – Start with having a nice (and consistent) environment to work.
    • – Your surroundings should be devoid of distractions.
    • – For clear communication with your team, you’ll need a good camera and microphone.
    • – A fast computer capable of handling your everyday task

    • 4. Adjusting with Time-Zones

    One of the most difficult difficulties for a remote software developer is the worldwide time difference. Most businesses desire to connect with their offshore developers in real time so that they can fix concerns as soon as possible. As a result, it is critical that you alter your work schedule to accommodate your client’s time zone. 

    For instance, if you are a remote software developer working from Asia for a corporation situated in the United States, you must contend with a time difference of over 12 hours. As a result, you must plan your meetings and other follow-up activities properly. It is critical for a remote software developer to have a flexible work schedule that they can readily adapt to accommodate clients’ time zones.

    • 5. Effective Communication

    Communication is essential for advancing your career remotely. It will be more difficult to grasp your client’s point of view and persuade them to accept your point of view if you do not communicate effectively. As a result, set up a good communication route to keep in touch with your clientele. Additionally, have video sessions with the entire staff at least once a month. For many, the most scary aspect of remote software developers working is team communication. However, it would only be a problem if you allow it to be. 

    In an office, when you go past everyone on your approach to your desk, there is some banter, with people saying “Hello.” Your coworkers know you’re at the office because they see you working at your desk. 

    Remote software developers must be more explicit–no one knows you’re working until you tell them. However, if you build the proper communication methods, your coworkers will be there at the touch of a button, instead of a walk across the workplace, down the elevator, and so on.

    • 6. Set a Proper Schedule

    Remote software developer job is frequently viewed as a chance to lounge about the house in pajamas. But, regardless of what you’re wearing, it’s critical to fulfill deadlines and communicate often about what you’re doing and any problems you’re experiencing. 

    Some remote software developer businesses will allow you to work whenever you want, which may lead to asynchronous engagements with distant colleagues — for example, you may not receive a response to an email you wrote until you’re fast asleep. Other remote software developer recruiters anticipate that you will be available throughout core work time so that remote software developer teams may interact in real time.

    • 7. Connect with Other Programmers and Join Developer Communities

    Join a remote software developer community, this will help you fill a hole left by the lack of close peers from whom you may learn new things on the spur of the moment. You might also come across new things that you would not ordinarily learn about on your own. But, more significantly, you have the chance to establish a reputation for yourself by offering something you’re already excellent at, which most other people may be interested in as well.

    Way to Success as a Remote Software Developer

    To develop a successful remote profession today, engineers must have the necessary skill set, expertise, and experience. This industry is now expanding at a tremendous pace. As a result, in order to get employed by top corporate firms, you must continually grow and adapt.

    Join the Optymize skill base to receive the necessary assistance to be a part of a successful remote software developer workforce. Furthermore, we can ensure that you are always employed by the proper team.



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