An In-Depth Guide to Hire iOS Developers: Interview Questions, Salaries, Skills and Responsibilities

An In-Depth Guide to Hire iOS Developers- Interview Questions, Salaries, Skills


If you want to hire iOS developers you must know some of the basic knowledge regarding how to hire them. You will need a path that will show you at least few of the factors to look for before hiring an iOS developer.

This article will shed light upon a few factors such as roles and responsibilities of an iOS developer along with their skills, ways to hire them and even technical questions to ask them while interviewing them.

Why iOS App

With a combined market share of 99.6 percent, iOS and Android are the most popular operating systems on the planet. Furthermore, despite the fact that Apple mobile devices account for 20.38 percent of the market, iOS users spend more time online using premium features, paid applications, and non-digital items. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that iOS app development is a lucrative business.

Create a list of Requirements Before You Hire iOS Developers

It is critical to have a complete understanding of your project long before you begin to hire iOS developers. It will assist you in defining your expectations of iOS developers and making an educated selection.

Put your Million Dollar App Idea onto Paper

Make a short summary of your app concept to remember it. It might be a single sentence or a small paragraph. Instead of becoming lost in many notions, you may nurture the app idea to its full potential with a concentrated attitude.

Make a list of the app’s use cases, or the major problems or difficulties it should address.
This exercise assists you in putting your thoughts together and focusing on the idea’s development.

Top Functions and Features for Your App

Make a list of the features and functions you’d want to see in your app. You may look at comparable applications and see which features and functions they have integrated. This list provides iOS developers with a higher degree of understanding about what they will be dealing with.

Set Priorities and Related Goals

Hire iOS Developers and prioritize the functions and features so that they may focus on the most important ones first. You may provide clarity to which features and functionalities should be built first by using a number of prioritizing strategies. Clarify your objectives and create a strategy to reach them in the long and short term, such as obtaining investors for your app concept, being on the front page of the App Store, earning thousands of downloads, and so on.

Responsibilities of iOS developers

After you hire iOS developers, you put them in charge of building and architecting apps for Apple’s iOS operating system for mobile devices. The specific set of tasks will vary depending on the size of the team, their experience, the complexity of the project, and the dynamics of the workplace. There are, nevertheless, some tasks that all iOS developers are expected to do.

Some of the common responsibilities an iOS developer will have to shoulder are listed below:

  • – An iOS developer should write code in Swift and Objective-C;
  • – They should be able to develop user interfaces;
  • – They knows how to ensure quality of the application;
  • – They will be ready to collaborate with the design team to define app features;
  • – Writing and performing unit and user integration tests is one of the common task for iOS developers.;
  • – An iOS developer should know how to identify and resolve errors;
  • – Implementing application updates is also the task of an iOS developer.

Based on Experience

Junior iOS Developer

These developers will have 0 to 2 years of experience. For your project if you need a low experience level then you should choose to hire a junior iOS developer. You may give them coding and writing assignments. However, they must work under the supervision of a senior colleague and will require constant instruction.

Mid-level iOS Developer

This group includes iOS developers with 2 to 5 years of expertise and the capacity to work on various projects. They can also perform coding and testing activities with ease. Furthermore, mid-level iOS developers will be able to collaborate with DevOps teams and manage project execution efficiently.

Senior iOS Developer

Senior iOS developers have a minimum of 5 years of experience. You can always expect them to develop computer programs. If you’re in charge of an iOS development team, you’ll want them on your team. Senior developers are skilled in making architectural choices, reviewing code, assisting with design, and ensuring quality control.

Technical skills for iOS Developers

  • – If you hire iOS developers, Swift programming language proficiency, including syntax, Objective-C compatibility, inheritance, and initialization are must-have skills.
  • – In the development of mobile applications, you need to hire iOS developers who have a strong grasp of UI and UX design.
  • – You should hire iOS developers who are proficient with code versioning systems that enable for quick and efficient cooperation on modest to big projects.
  • – If you need to design apps that comply with Apple’s simple and beautiful aesthetic, you must hire iOS Developers who have a thorough grasp of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • – For networking, a complete understanding of JSON is required.
  • – Understanding of Core Data and how it stores data on an Apple device;
  • – Technical principles and elements such as concurrency, reactive programming, and animations, among others.

Different Ways to Hire iOS Developers

Till now, I hope that you have some clarity with Requirement, Roles and Responsibilities as well as Skills to look before you hire iOS developers. Now is the time to look forward to different ways through which you will be able to collect as many resumes as you want to hire iOS developers.

You will find three ways through which you will be able to hire iOS developers. We shall discuss the pros and cons of all the three ways.

Hire freelance iOS developers


  • – You will be able to hire iOS developers from a global talent pool and the best of them.
  • – Cost effective than in-house team
  • – Exemption from paperwork


  • – Fear of missing deadlines because of no supervision.
  • – They may leave the project mid-way.
  • – 100% commitment is not there.

An in-house iOS development team


  • – Plenty of time for planning
  • – Easily manage a flexible schedule.
  • – In-house team will work 24/7


  • – If there’s no work, then you will still have to pay.
  • – Extra cost on office, hardware and software as well.
  • – It’s tough to assemble an in-house iOS developers team.

Hire an outsourcing iOS app development company 

You should contact an outsourced iOS app development business if you want to build an iOS app in the best, fastest, and most cost-effective method possible.

You will have two options to hire iOS developers from a development company:


In this method, a business organization can contact the iOS app development company and discuss their requirements for the development of the app under collaboration approach. After studying all your needs, the iOS app developers will begin building your app from the ground up.
Furthermore, the firm is responsible for all aspects of the development process, from concept to release.

Dedicated Team

In this method, you will hire iOS developers who will join your team and begin working. You may want the iOS developers to work on existing projects or you can give them something to work from scratch.


  • – It will be helpful while urgently hiring iOS developers.
  • – Cost effective where you can save on unnecessary in-office costs.
  • – You will have experience, expertise with professional standards.
  • – You would not have to worry about your end-product.
  • – No time-zone difficulties.
  • – Not much of the language problem


Cultural barriers might be the only enemy though it can be resolved with interaction and open communication.

Places to Find and Hire iOS Developers

Online platforms are plenty to find and hire iOS Developers.

Freelancer websites

This is one of the cheapest methods to build an iOS app. You will have to scroll through websites, gather information about iOS developers and contact them for an interview. If matched then hire or else get to the next candidate.

The following is the list of top freelancer websites you can find on the internet.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork 
  • AngelList 
  • 99designs
  • Toptal
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

IT Vendors

This method will save you from unnecessary stress that sometimes freelancers give. You may hire a dedicated team or individual, your work will be done swiftly and very effectively.

Following the list of top IT vendors:

Technical Events

In this you will find people who can solve tough problems instantly. Because that’s how you can win an event. Technical events are one of the finest places to hire iOS developers for your project. You will find committed developers who are eager to deliver the best product.

The following is the list of top technical events:

  • DroidCon
  • Appdevcon
  • UberConf
  • Code Mobile
  • THAT Conference

Social Media

Social media has communities for every technology. These communities have passionate developers who can work tirelessly and give your product a perfect look and functions. You may search all the social media but out there including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Top 10 Interview Questions to ask before you Hire iOS Developers

  1. In Objective-C, there are four main data kinds, Name them.
  2. How well do you know Objective-C and Swift? Can you summarize their differences in a few words?
  3. What are UI components, and how do you include them into your app?
  4. Explain the reuseIdentifier in the UITableViewCell constructor’s purpose.
  5. What are some of the most prevalent iOS execution states?
  6. What is managed object context (NSManagedObjectContext) and how does it operate in Objective-C?
  7. In Swift, can you explain the distinction between raw and associated values.
  8. You’ve recently received notification that your new app is prone to crashing. So, what exactly do you do to resolve the issues?
  9. What are the primary advantages of developing tests in iOS applications?
  10. What’s the difference between fileprivate, private, and public access levels, in your opinion?

Top 3 Features to Look carefully Before You Hire iOS Developers

Level of Expertise

If you want to hire iOS developers, you must check the level of expertise and how different sorts of apps and projects are handled by iOS developers. Every sector and business has its own set of criteria or problems to overcome. iOS developers must be aware of the client’s business’s problems and have suggestions for how to address them. You may look through the developers’ portfolio to discover more about their experience. It demonstrates their project management expertise.


When you hire iOS developers from another continent or nation, communication is critical. Language limitations and time zone variations have an impact on the communication channel. Ascertain that they are familiar with the language you are employing and that they are willing to modify their time zone in response to changing project requirements.

Level of Experience

We frequently mix up experience and knowledge. However, they are diametrically opposed to one another. iOS developers’ ability to write code cannot be considered experience. Before you hire iOS developers, you should consider how many projects the iOS developers have completed successfully, as well as how they solved the clients’ issues. If you simply look for individuals with coding abilities, you may wind up hiring the wrong people.

The Cost to hire iOS Developers

The salary of iOS developers varies according to regions. Following is the list of places where you can hire iOS developers who provide top quality results. This list will include the annual salary of iOS developers.

  • US – $115,246
  • Canada – $90,244
  • Australia – $70,669
  • UK – £38,675
  • Asia – $60,000
  • Ukraine – $28,200


This article will assist you in locating and hiring an iOS developer that is a perfect match for your needs. Don’t forget to spell out the degree of skill you desire, as well as the criteria, credentials, and experience required. When everything is in order, go to the essential websites and make an informed decision.



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