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To help us develop and maintain web applications for our clients, We are looking for a back-end developer who will collaborate with teams to troubleshoot and enhance current back-end solutions and processes. He will perform rigorous checks on current codes, find errors, and optimize them for quick load time. Moreover, he must possess excellent communication, computer, and project management skills.

A Software Engineer – NodeJS is needed to join our fantastic team and provide a streamlined user experience. We want a member of the team who works hard to create top-notch code using Nodejs best practises. You will implement a full user interface as a mobile/desktop web app as a Node.js developer and manage its integration with the back-end.

– A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar subject is required.
– Proficient in Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL.
– Experience with the whole web development lifecycle and a strong understanding of backend tools and technologies.
– Knowledge of databases.
– Documentation skills.
– Ability to work on complex API implementations.
– Performance optimization of the Backend.
– Ability to perform debugging and troubleshooting.
– Ability to meet strict deadlines.
– Have the ability to work remotely.

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