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Pranav Palani

React.js Developer

Delhi, India
Pranav is a reliable professional who is very efficient and possesses a broad skill set for various types of application development. He has experience in managing technical teams with better outcomes.

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Pranav is a Software Engineer with extensive experience in Frontend. He is based out of Lucknow, India. He completed his BTech with Information Technology and followed his passion for programming. Pranav is a highly skilled professional with experience in front-end application development. He also has experience in creating architecture, designing software and implementation. Pranav has a hobby of exploring new technologies, he spends his free time exploring the latest gadgets and technologies.

Life Before Optymize

He spent two years after college working for Twitter in the United States. He had to return home due to family issues and was unable to leave his family. He obtained a job that didn’t meet his requirements. He needed thrilling opportunities to show off his abilities. He continued to work there until the epidemic struck. Even if everything was back to normal, he resolved not to return to the company. Instead, he began looking for work online while also teaching at a local school.

How Did Learn about Optymize?

He needed to locate a remote job since he couldn’t leave his family alone. He tried a few other platforms, but none of them were able to assist him in the way he desired. “One day I was reading this freelancers testimonial site, when I learned about Optymize,” he explained, “I went to the website and registered.” He stated he received an email explaining a test to finish a screening procedure within a day. “I took the exams, sat in on the interviews, and completed the paperwork.” I received my first offer from Optymize two weeks later.”

His journey with Optymize

Pranav has always aspired to work in a high-pressure workplace alongside top performers. Optymize has given him the opportunity to collaborate with great individuals from all around the world. “I got the first offer to work with a team of twelve developers,” he explained. The crew communicated well with one another. The project went off without a hitch. Optymize had already approached me with another proposal.” He also talked about his plans for the future. He said that with the help of Optymize, he would have enough expertise to manage a team on his own.

Final Verdict

Pranav stated that he disliked the idea of working from home. Optymize, on the other hand, altered his mind. He now understands how to work from home without a hitch. “Optymize has given me a solution to manage both my personal and professional lives. I no longer have to be concerned about what will happen next. Because I have faith in Optymize’s ability to keep me engaged.”

Ready to build your career from home?

Ready to build your career from home?​

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Optymize has a consistent flow of great opportunities. I have had the chance to work on several detailed projects over a number of months, which has significantly increased my expertise in my field. Working with Optymize has been a great experience
Rohit Gupta
Front end web developer
Wanhao Li
Full Stack developer
Optymize gave me exciting opportunities to work from home on various projects. I have learned new skills and grown as a developer after working with Optymize. I have been impressed by the structure and professionalism of this company and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them.
Optymize allowed me the freedom to live where I want and how I want while working on my terms. I develop world class projects from my home – the dream! Optymize allows me to have a career that I love, as well as the work-life balance that I need.
Badis Mohammade
DevOps developer

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