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Braulio Valenzuela

Vue.js Developer

Tijuana, Mexico
Braulio’s wide experience and exceptional knowledge and understanding of his subject helped him start his career intensively. In his career he focused in the fields of backend, web and mobile development.

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Braulio Valenzuela is an experienced Typescript developer based in Mexico. He brings 7 years of expertise in tough and complex web development to the table. He specializes in MVP development, CRM development, banking software, and high-volume gaming and bookmaker systems. Braulio’s remarkable expertise and grasp of his field aided him in launching a successful career. He also works in fields of frontend development, AngularJS, DevOps and Typescript.

Life Before Optymize

Brauilio’s first employment was as a QA engineer, which he obtained through college placements. It was a fine job, but he wanted to put his love for web development to practice. After a year, he went to work for a startup company, where he built the whole website from the ground up. He continued to work there until the epidemic struck.

How Did Learn about Optymize?

After the pandemic struck, he began looking for opportunities.. From different personal projects, he had considerable knowledge of how to create and design websites. One day while scrolling through LinkedIn, he found Optymize. He went to the website and signed up after a careful examination. He got an email with a link for the test. He performed well on the test. “Their procedure was quite quick. I followed the next instructions exactly as they were written. And I recall getting a call 13 days later for an interview. This is how I got my first job offer,” explains Braulio.

His journey with Optymize

Braulio recollects about his first Optymize work. “I got the first offer to work on a professional website,” he explained. ” I created the user interface and implemented it”. Braulio also stated that he has a lot of development experience and that he wanted to enhance his knowledge in leading a team of developers to achieve a high-quality product. He also mentions about how glad he felt to put his skills to use and create something meaningful. In short, he loved his job. Being a family man, Braulio also discusses on how Optymize has allowed him to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Final Verdict

Braulio says that he is finally happy to do what he loves to do. “I don’t have to fret about project requirements,” he remarked. I only have to get up, do my task, and go to work. There’s no need to be concerned about payment or anything else.” “If there’s any platform that gives all the assistance and perks for job searchers, Optymize is the only one that does it,” he concluded.

Ready to build your career from home?

Ready to build your career from home?​

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Optymize has a consistent flow of great opportunities. I have had the chance to work on several detailed projects over a number of months, which has significantly increased my expertise in my field. Working with Optymize has been a great experience
Rohit Gupta
Front end web developer
Wanhao Li
Full Stack developer
Optymize gave me exciting opportunities to work from home on various projects. I have learned new skills and grown as a developer after working with Optymize. I have been impressed by the structure and professionalism of this company and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them.
Optymize allowed me the freedom to live where I want and how I want while working on my terms. I develop world class projects from my home – the dream! Optymize allows me to have a career that I love, as well as the work-life balance that I need.
Badis Mohammade
DevOps developer

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