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Marhaba is bringing a world-first Shariah compliant DeFi platform to the space, backed by Optymize’s end-to-end services.

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Our platform focuses on making the remote hiring process easier by providing top quality vetted developers from around the world. Through our service many well-known companies have scaled their product development team.
MRHB is an interest-based lending platform that encourages excessive debt and consumption, which is incompatible with long-term financial, environmental, and social viability. As a result, their platform will, among other things, offer interest-free crypto funding in the future. Marhaba’s features include a wallet that exclusively accepts Shariah-screened tokens, ethical crypto trading, yield maximizer buckets, an NFT marketplace for Islamic artists, and the ability for users to safely donate cryptocurrency to charitable organisations. Optymize also connected Marhaba with investors and crypto advisers to assist her obtain the required finances and make the proper contacts. These introductions were crucial in the development of blockchain products, from website creation to the design and implementation of the NFT platform.
“Thanks to Optymize’s work, our client managed to significantly increase test coverage of their smart contracts. For some contracts, they improved test coverage by 20% to 30%.”
Chief HR, Marhaba Defi

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