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Indie Music entered the ever-growing NFT market soon and now became an active platform worldwide.

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The new kind of music company based in India with a clear mission to help music artists and songwriters make the best out of their songs. Ensure all the artists receive payments promptly; they work hard to maximize the value of each copyright. The client wanted to take early advantage of technologies like blockchain and NFTs. Indie Music hired Optymize to develop a powerful NFT music marketplace with all the latest features. They wanted us to simplify the underlying complexity of NFTs. We suggested developing an NFT that helps collaborators directly engage with their fans, monetize their work, and make greater fortunes. The music streaming NFT marketplace was built on the blockchain to pay artists on time and in full, with no hassle. It is a complete multi-compatible platform integrated with varied blockchain networks like Ether, TRON, EOS, etc., etc. Indie Music entered the ever-growing NFT market soon and now became an active platform worldwide. Our client experienced massive growth in sales in less than 3 months. The platform captured more than 50% of the market now, generating a high spike in trading volume hit at $150 million.
It’s such a pleasure working with Optymize. Their expertise in NFT marketplace development made my dream possible. Always committed and flexible throughout the process. Highly recommended!
Abhishek Mittal
CEO, Indie Music

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