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How Optymize helped integrate a Business Intelligence system for plants for Actuate

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The client company offers complex ERP systems for major corporations, as well as audit and consulting services for manufacturing firms, assisting them in optimizing their work and financial statements. Analysts for the client used to utilize laborious Excel spreadsheets to compute all of the costs and expenditures of several factories. If users needed to add columns to the table (for example, with additional components), they had to manually update formulas within cells. This hindered the analytical process and resulted in some human errors. This was the major challenge they had to face. The customer came up with the concept to incorporate an additional module in the existing ERP system, with precise production statistics and projections, in order to streamline the work and boost productivity. The developer team at Optymize created a new part for an existing ERP platform from the ground up, including the production structure, interrelationships between its components, cost calculation, and simulation. The team of developers comprised of 4 backend developers, 2 frontend developers, 1 QA Engineer, and 2 business analysts. Our team was able to keep the entire ERP system as secure as it was prior to the alterations because the machine learning algorithms did not interact with any essential data while evaluating only patterns and trends that resulted from specific decisions and actions.
“Optymize is at the forefront in offering solutions. Optymize accomplishes this by making every interaction more efficient, simple, and scalable.”
Ben Ziomeck
CTO, Actuate

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