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How Optymize assisted a client in creating an NFT marketplace app for short videos.

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Our client desired to create a one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace software that is more secure, scalable, and speedier than ever before; as a result, they approached us with the idea of delivering an NFT marketplace for short films. Because the current blockchain ecosystem is insufficiently scalable. There are other concerns that must be solved in order to provide a quality user experience, such as block size limitations and slow block confirmations. The major challenges faced were creating listings, wallets, search bar, filters, buy & bid options, and so on. Because the entire program was built with blockchain technology, our team implemented smart contracts to cut transaction fees. Because all marketplaces are typically comprised of photographs, and we needed to develop a video-based marketplace app, our team had to make substantial changes to the matic architecture. We had to establish a node server for trading purposes because this is a new bidding platform. Because there were no blockchain users to authorize the transactions at first, our efficient team was able to do it using a node server. So far, we have a total number of users on our platform, as well as 100,000 to 200,000 tokens and some unique users. We met the objective of offering a quick, safe, and scalable app utilizing the matic framework, resulting in an amazing user experience.
“The fact that Optymize listened to our idea and delivered a well crafted end product within the stipulated time shows a bright business development strategy. Optymize transformed our technical side and the best part is with optimal resources.”
Chief Technology Officer, Alphawallet

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