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How has Optymize helped in the security auditing of Blockchain wallet?

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Optymize was approached by Bitmex, a US-based firm that provides tools and services for blockchain-based financial products, with a proposal to audit their Tezos blockchain solutions. It is crucial to identify and address key security flaws in blockchain-based financial products before they are released. Otherwise, the designers of such items risk not only losing time and money but also their reputations and client trust. Our team at Optymize successfully audited a Tezos wallet as well as a decentralized application (dApp) made up of smart contracts, a bot application, and a frontend library. Following the audit, we gave the customer a full report on the detected vulnerabilities as well as simple advice on how to remedy them. We also made many non-security-related recommendations aimed at improving the client’s dApp’s performance and lowering its costs. Regular audits are crucial for maintaining a high level of security for sensitive data, particularly for businesses that provide financial solutions. They provide you with a clear picture of all of your product’s flaws and assist you in determining the most effective plan for eradicating them. Bitmex was able to obtain an objective evaluation of the security by delegating audits to Optymize through their trustworthy professionals. Optymize experts detected a logical issue in the client’s bot program as well. Correcting this issue will assist our client in lowering the cost of smart contract operations. Finally, our client needed to pass dApp and crypto wallet security checks in order to develop a positive brand image and acquire the well-deserved trust of end customers.
“The project was a success, and it contributed to increased customer trust in the system’s security. Optymize performed efficiently and gave good outcomes for a reasonable rate. They communicated effectively, ensuring that their partners felt on the same page throughout the engagement.”
CTO, Bitmex

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