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How Amwell Used Optimal Resources And Found The Best Developers To Expand Their Product Development Team Using Optymize


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Our platform focuses on making the remote hiring process easier by providing top quality vetted developers from around the world. Through our service many well-known companies have scaled their product development team.
Amwell offers HIPAA-compliant telemedicine apps that make it easier for healthcare providers to access patients and ensure better care. The app supports secure messaging via text, voice, and video tools that providers use to connect directly with patients, organize consultations, and manage multiple cases from their mobile device or desktop. Amwell faced the challenges faced by many local tech companies. The competition for engineers has increased the cost and time to hire talented people. At the same time, the company is so careful about expanding its team that it is even more difficult to hire. “Getting the right people on the team is extremely important to us, and we have a clearly defined cultural fit that we’re looking for,” said engineering director Sean O’Shea. “I had a poor impression of using outside contractors, but our CTO had prior experience with Optymize, so we talked.”
Amwell started with three Optymize engineers, one mid-level, one senior, and one DevOps. Currently, Amwell has scaled up to nine Optymize engineers, each of which is fully integrated into cross-functional teams working on server-side code, mobile applications, web applications, and testing. The team worked on server-side code, building a Kubernetes-based ephemeral infrastructure from scratch. “Optymize engineers are full-time teammates,” Sean said. “We treat them like employees, and they perfectly fit into our product and culture like employees. They’re awesome.”
Optymize engineers are full-time teammates,We treat them like employees, and they perfectly fit into our product and culture like employees. They’re awesome.”
Sean O’Shea
Engineering Director, Amwell

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