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10 .Net Developer skills to look for while hiring remote developers


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Certified Salesforce developers are the resources for maximizing customer engagement. Greater customer engagement generates huge revenue. If you want corporate wealth, then keeping customers happy should be your first priority. Introducing new features in your product and easing down customers’ operations significantly improves their business operations which again promises customer retention.

Further, if your customers refer to your company, brand awareness will increase rapidly which again will benefit you with a huge chunk of customers. 

Certified Salesforce developers tailor this customer engagement cycle with greater efficiency. They use CRMs like salesforce to streamline your customer services. This is why you should hire certified salesforce developers.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) software that is used to create apps for greater customer engagement. 

The salesforce company provides a wide spectrum of software development applications and CRM-based products and services.

Many startups have scaled their potential to satisfy customer needs using Salesforce.

Why Your Company Needs Salesforce

The simple answer would be to increase customer satisfaction.

But this easy answer is not what companies look for, so we have provided some stats that might convince you to choose salesforce for better customer engagement.

According to some reports, the companies which actively used Salesforce say

It increased their revenue by around 25%

Maximized customer engagement by 33%

Boosted marketing ROI performance by 25%

Introduced an increase in productivity among teams by 44% 

This doesn’t stop here, around 88% of fortune 500 companies use at least one salesforce app to maximize their customer relations.

On top of this, salesforce is a great choice if your business is widely spread involving different sectors, because it offers all-in-one and specific solutions for each sector.

10 .Net Developer skills to look for while hiring remote developers

What Does Salesforce Developer Do?

A salesforce developer is someone who utilizes CRM software and develops applications based on your requirements.

They can easily prepare design mockups and deploy reliable, scalable, and secure cloud applications using the Salesforce platform.

They create a personalized business application by integrating it with third-party services that automate your business operations. 

This is why the companies who use salesforce hire certified salesforce developers. And with more adapting to this CRM, there is an abundance of salesforce freelance jobs.

Where to Look for Resources?

There are plenty of ways to find salesforce developers. And these include job boards, freelance sites, and a talent marketplace.

Let’s take a look at each of them for better clarity.

Job boards

Heard of LinkedIn the social networking platform where you can find almost everyone, if yes, then this is where you can begin to hire a salesforce expert. 

LinkedIn offers international professionals so you can diversify your team. Here you have the flexibility to hire onsite and remote both. If this is what you need then it’s the ideal platform for you.

Indeed, Monster is a similar recruiting site that offers almost identical services.

However, they lack

1. Support facility.

2. Streamlined hiring procedures.

3. Fast hiring.

4. Affordable salesforce developers.

So, if you are a well-established firm with a high budget and months of time then hiring via these platforms is beneficial.

Freelance sites

Freelancing is the new work culture that developers seek. There are plenty of freelancing sites that have a huge number of salesforce freelance consultants. You can choose any platform and post your job description, soon there will be a flood of developers claiming that they could perform any salesforce activity.

These freelancers are cheap to hire which means these platforms are ideal for startups and small businesses.

But there is a catch. These developers do not operate on any contract, so this means your product development will be done totally blindfolded.

Talent Marketplace

These talent marketplace platforms have recently emerged as cost-effective yet quality solutions for outsourcing. A talent marketplace has a pre-vetted global talent pool ready for onboarding. They interview and onboard candidates from various IT domains to save the hassles of their clients to find specific skills.

These are ideal for any business because they offer,

1, Free consultation before hiring.

2. Pre-vetted developers with years of experience.

3. Support facilities while and after onboarding hire.

4. Flexible hiring models.

5. Fast-paced documentation.

6. Risk-free trials.

7. Cost-effective prices.

8. Quick developer engagement.

9. And more.

How To Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Hiring is essential to power your engineering department. That being said, finding the right developer is crucial to get the right output.

Before you proceed with hiring there are a few prerequisites that you should consider working on, and follow every step for a streamlined hiring process.

Define what you need

The first step before you hire salesforce developers is to brainstorm and discuss with your technical team what your requirements are.


Project scope.


Required tools and technologies to complete the project.


The Required number of developers.

Having a clear idea of what you need will help you express your requirements effectively.

Set Budget

Budget is a parameter that varies based on the firm. If you are a tech giant then it will be easier for you to arrange a good budget within a few days. However, if you are a startup founder or owner of a small business then it might take time to set a budget that can get you a robust product.

So, if you don’t have a proper budget then take time and cut off unnecessary costs to get your budget ready.

Visit A Platform

Now it’s time that you contact a platform for your hiring needs. We highly suggest choosing a talent marketplace as they offer affordable and quality services, also they have a support facility that can help you whenever you run into any problems.

How To Find the Right Platform

There are hundreds of talent marketplaces that claim they have what you want. In such a case you may have to weigh their expertise. To identify which platform is good for your project consider looking at the following parameters.

Check their online presence and rating.

Check their customer reviews and feedback.

Ask one of the clients how the platform helped with their hiring needs.

What are their areas of expertise?

How many engagement models do they offer?

What are their different packages

Do they have any hidden costs?

Do they offer a risk-free trial, if yes for how many days?

These will help you in identifying whether the platform is good for your project and then you can move ahead with the ideal talent marketplace.

Check Certified Salesforce Developer Profiles

No doubt you have chosen the ideal talent marketplace that offers pre-vetted developers with years of experience. Still looking at developers’ profiles and verifying if they match your project requirement is essential.

Check if the candidate’s profile aligns with the following parameters.

Technical Skills
The developer must be aware of the whole Salesforce ecosystem and its relevant technologies such as, Lightning app builder, Fuel, and Heroku. And apart from this, he must have hands-on experience with,







Certified Salesforce Developers Certifications

This is the most important part you should focus on while choosing a salesforce developer. A certification authenticates that a Salesforce developer has undergone necessary practice and tests to handle some crucial Salesforce admin tasks.

The Salesforce developer must have the following certifications:

Salesforce Certified Administrator.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Salesforce Certified App Builder.


A certified Salesforce developer must have more than 3 years of experience. He must have worked on a similar project as yours so he can evaluate the whole process and set checkpoints to complete each phase on time.

He must be experienced with the Salesforce ecosystem and developing Salesforce-friendly apps. 

10 .Net Developer skills to look for while hiring remote developers

Interview Certified Salesforce Developers

The last step in hiring certified salesforce developers is the interview process. Schedule interviews and notify developers regarding the communication platform and at what time it will be conducted so developers can make themselves available.

However, keep the technical interview questions ready to assess candidates’ grasp on salesforce concepts.

Test the candidate’s soft skills, problem-solving and analytical abilities to make sure whether he can solve complex system failures.

Once you find the right certified Salesforce developers, make an offer and onboard him to begin your Salesforce development.


Customers are the target audience who decides the fate of your company. So, keeping customers satisfied is the only way you can win corporate wealth. And Salesforce is built just for that.

It can help you with its ability to streamline personalized apps geared toward increasing customer engagement and providing helpful services. 

However, they require competent certified Salesforce developers who can leverage their full potential and maximize customer engagement. This article will help you find and hire a certified salesforce developer while keeping its crucial parameters in check.



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