10 Do’s and Don’t to Hire JavaScript Developers

10 Do’s and Don’t to Hire JavaScript Developers


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JavaScript is one of the most popular languages used to build a website or application. Because of this, a vast majority of businesses hire javascript developers to create their websites, mobile applications, and desktop widgets. Much of its popularity is increased with the increased demand for web-based developments. This demand has also made it challenging to find javascript developers who are skilled and qualified.  

In this whirlpool of developers, it is easy to get caught with bad developers who only waste your time and resources. It is also difficult to have experienced javascript developers for hire as they are quickly recruited by big firms. You really have to do a thorough search and evaluate candidates before you hire them. This article will guide you with 10 Do’s and Don’t to Hire JavaScript Developers so you can set the right criteria and select better candidates for your project. So let’s jump right into it.

What Position Do You Need To Hire JavaScript Developer For?

Before starting your hiring process, the most important thing to focus on is the reason you want a JavaScript developer. The ‘why’ matters because javascript and its frameworks can be used for a variety of purposes including the development of mobile and web applications, web servers, game development, and also for creating interactive websites and many more such features. And that is the reason for its popularity too, as all of these tasks can be achieved by javascript language using only one set of technologies.

But that doesn’t mean that all javascript developers can also build these techs from scratch. Nor it means that every developer can use javascript in developing different technologies. Developers have their own set of limitations and prowesses, hence you should consider your requirements first before you hire javascript developers. 

Before you start your search, consider the project you want to hire javascript developers for, the framework and technologies it requires, functions it needs to perform, current progress it has, and how big of a professional team you require.

Most popularly, you can hire javascript developers in the following three categories- 

1. Front-end JavaScript Developer

A front developer is a person who builds the interactive ‘front-end’ of websites and web applications. These developers utilize CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to achieve their purpose. 

JavaScript is heavily used in creating the interactive UI and to optimize the site. It is a very powerful tool and companies hire javascript developers to build a rich interface that allows for more user retention and less bounce rate from their websites. 

Javascript utilizes components such as navigation tools, image sliders, tabs, pop-up menus, etc to enhance interactivity.  The user interface(UI) determines the purpose of each component of the website or application and also how they will look. Next time you visit a web page, pay close attention to all the interactive and dynamic items you see. Those design elements are most probably created by the frontend javascript developer.

So, if you are looking forward to building your front end, and site’s layout, and to develop or update it for more interactivity, then you should hire javascript programmers for the front end.

10 Do’s and Don’t to Hire JavaScript Developers

2. Back-end JavaScript developer

Javascript is used across the whole web development. Hence, being in the backend is hardly a surprise. If you are making a whole web application, you need to make sure that all parts of the project are working in sync. If the front end of your project needs support from the server end, it should be able to provide it quickly and efficiently. Having a language that can join all these processes together will help boost the overall functions of the application. That’s one reason why companies hire javascript developers to create the backend.

It is also easier for the javascript developers to update data, find bugs and build a scalable application. Though, a back-end javascript developer mainly builds the architecture of the application and the database. They are mainly responsible for working on your web servers in the backend. Many JavaScript frameworks such as Node.JS and Next.JS are popularly used around the world for backend development.  

If you already have frontend developers, you can team them up with a backend javascript developer to improve your efficiency. Hire javascript developers with an in-depth knowledge of Node.js, be able to write APIs, and can also connect databases and servers to the frontend.

3. Full-stack JavaScript developer

If you hire javascript developers for both the front and backend parts of the project, they will be called- Full-stack\ developers. A full-stack developer can develop both the client end and the server end of the application. You can hire javascript coders for full-stack to create both the architecture of your whole app and databases, and the design of the UI. 

Full-Stack developers can be great project managers too as they have the expertise to understand all the levels of the project. However, they might not be a good option if you are looking for specific tasks as they don’t necessarily possess a deep understanding of a particular end of the application. You can hire javascript developers in full-stack if you are creating a new application or managing your whole project. For specific needs, choose specialized javascript developers for hire.

Do’s and Don’ts to Hire JavaScript Developers:

1. Do Hire JavaScript Programmer With Effective Communication Skills

Good communication skills are required in every profession. Especially in the IT sector as daily new issues and challenges occur and a developer needs to effectively communicate them with his team and the clients. Communication can easily decrease the chances of confusion and working errors within the team.

JavaScript is already a complex language, hence it is recommended to hire javascript developers with good communication skills. The developer should be able to communicate the queries, suggestions, ideas, needs, problems, and solutions regarding the project in simple and clear language. 

2. Do Look for an Experienced JavaScript Developer for Hire

You cannot teach experience. It is something you only learn by yourself through years of constant hard work and struggles. The same is true for javascript developers. You can hire any developer for your project but if you want the best JavaScript developers, they are the ones with the most experience. However, they can be costly as per the experience level.

If you opt to hire javascript coders, be sure your project will be handled professionally, with all the requirements you need, or perhaps even better, as the developer is skilled enough to understand the market requirements and can build the app as per those needs. But they also demand a higher salary than other developers. Before you hire javascript developers, consider your project’s complexity, the level of expertise it requires, and how much you can pay for it. The understanding of these three points will determine the developer you should look for.  

3. Do Assess Your Candidate Skills Before Interview

Once you are set to hire javascript developers, you should write a job post describing the requirements of the project, the expertise needed in the programmer, and the salary you offer and post it. You can post on job-based sites such as LinkedIn, indeed, etc or if you can hire freelance javascript developers, then consider online marketplaces such as Optymize which can provide you with a list of pre-vetted skilled developers to choose from.    

But finding your ideal candidate can be time-consuming. Hence you have to be completely sure about the skills you require in the candidate. Some common skills to look for-

  • >Knowledge of required language and technology.
  • >Understanding of browsers and servers- also their functions and programming
  • >Soft Skills
  • >Can code concisely and clearly
  • >Stay up to date with the new trends in the market and industry.

After that, prepare to screen your candidates to personally know their skill sets and if they can work as per your demands. You can schedule test rounds to assess their coding, and technical skills and an interview round to assess their soft skills. These tests will quickly help you in finding the most skilled technician for the job. For the front end, you can include questions related to CSS and HTML as they both are important for the front end.  For the backend, ensure you test for the particular framework you require for your project. 

However, if you hire javascript developers from online marketplaces, then be sure to conduct only an interview round and ask all the necessary questions. As they are already pre-vetted and don’t necessarily have enough time to sit for multiple test rounds. They are also very quick to get hired so you got to act fast with them.

4. Do Find JavaScript Developers With A Strong Portfolio

As I said above, you have to look for certain skills in the individual before you start your hiring process. One of the best ways to find out about their skills and expertise levels is to look at their portfolio. The portfolio will provide you with all the information you need about their skills, prior experiences, language and technology they have mastered and worked on, tech stack they know, etc. You can also read their client reviews to know more about their soft skills, discipline, code proficiency, communication skills, learning attitude, etc.      

Pay close attention to the developer’s involvement in the projects they have done. Were they on the front end or the back end? Have they built a whole website or application? Which part of the process they are more skilled in? Checking on their areas of expertise will tell you if the candidate is a suitable choice for your project or not.

5. Do Hire Dedicated JavaScript Developers With Experience On Open-Source Platforms

If any developer has worked on open-source projects along with client/company-related projects, it’s a jackpot! Open source software is software that a programmer builds for the whole community of programmers to work with. These projects can be used by any developer from around the world hence, require high-quality codes with the flexibility to be used in different systems.

If you hire javascript developers who have written open-source codes, you are bringing more innovation and creativity to your team. They are also skilled in finding bugs in the programs quickly and can write programs efficiently. They can also collaborate with the whole team effectively.

6. Don't Overlook Javascript Developers' Skills To Collaborate

People often consider developers as nerds who work alone, and are socially awkward hence can’t have good relations with the team. That’s generally not the case. It doesn’t matter for what part of the project you hire javascript developers, they have to communicate with other team members to discuss the project requirements and ideas. 

Whether it is to discuss project needs and issues with the team leader, or to collaborate with other parts of the team to sync the development processes, you need to hire javascript developers who can effectively communicate and collaborate with the team members.

7. Don't Ask Only Technical Questions In The Interview

Interviews are not always a good option to check for technical skills. You should prefer screening tests to assess the core competency of the candidate. Interviews, on the other hand, are great choices to ask challenging situational-based questions to assess the quick thinking, rational and creative thinking of the candidate along with other skills. Such questions are also great to assess how the candidate will perform in real-world situations.

So, before you hire a javascript developer, prepare some twist questions to test for their interpersonal skills, proficiency, and thinking abilities. 

8. Don’t Hire JavaScript Coders Who Are Unaware of Privacy Issues

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Good developers understand the importance of privacy and the protection of data. Even the government is passing new regulations and laws for cyber security and data protection. You too need to ensure to safe keep your personal and user data from cybercriminals looking to steal it. 

Your company should hire javascript developers with a good understanding of safety concerns, and data privacy and can update the application as per the latest standards. Opting for this will not only help you with the protection concern and ensure trust with the users but also save you from government-imposed fines for non-compliance to the cyber security standards.  

9. Don't Forget To Share Your Goals

The first and foremost thing you should do while you find javascript developers for hire is to make sure they work as per your company’s guidelines. It is important to look for the tech stacks in their portfolio that your company works with. Even during the onboarding process, it is necessary to tell them about the company’s goals, parameters, protocols, and frameworks you work with. Make sure the javascript developer understands those requirements and is ready to comply accordingly.

Hence it is better to hire javascript developers who share the same beliefs as you. Moreover, the developers also need to understand the business requirements and help develop projects as per the market and help in capitalizing profits. 

10. Don't Forget To Check The References of JavaScript Developers

 Last but not the least, asking situational questions might give you an idea of the capabilities of the candidate, but they are not a sure-shot way to determine their cooperation skills. Everyone projects themselves as the ideal candidate and talks positively about their achievements. Hence, it can still be hard to know their full expertise level.

What you can do before you hire javascript developers is to take references from previous employees of your company or competitors, or ask about your candidate from their employer, clients, and teammates. They will help you know more in-depth about your candidate.


Finding and hiring the right javascript developers is not difficult once you know the do’s and don’ts before hiring. However, the work can be tiresome, so you need to create a detailed hiring process that will ensure that you hire javascript developers with all the required qualities.

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